I choose who I want in my life

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I choose who I want in my life

Last update: December 15, 2015

I keep you with me because you remained even when I myself did not want to be with me. You accompanied me in the darkest moments, when I turned my back alone. I want you in my life because you make me a better person, because I can't laugh or cry with anyone like I do with you.

Certainly I choose you because I decide who I want close to, because we know that it is one of the few things about which we have freedom of choice. And nothing makes me happier than sharing my life with people I want to be around.

I stay with those who want to stay

One of the reasons I want you in my life is because you have shown me you want to be there. Perhaps this is the most important thing: no one gives us more joy than someone who wants to do it honestly. The moment we meet new people, we don't know what place they will occupy in our life, but we soon understand that every detail is important in deciding to stay or leave..

This is why I am sure that I am not wrong with you: you arrived in silence, without making too much noise, and you wanted to know me to show me you want to stay with me. In return you just wanted us to take care of each other, to accompany each other in the best and worst times.

I let go whoever wants to leave

Just as I choose to have you in my life, I also reserve the right to decide who shouldn't stay, who to forgive, if needed, who to let go. Nothing in our life is certain, much less in interpersonal relationships: no one can assure us that our biological family, for example, is the same one that we will call "family" tomorrow.

When we realize this, we understand that growing up is just a matter of surviving this. After all, the people who love us are really our family, the one we choose or allow to be. The other people we meet in life, who only give away toxic relationships that don't do us any good, it is better to let them go because there is no better gift than knowing that you have lost such people..

The advantage of making decisions is to eliminate so many negative aspects that hurt us. The same goes for people: deciding who to share our life with allows us to focus on our happiness, to stay with those who make us stronger and happier.

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