I begin to suspect that I am the love of my life

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I begin to suspect that I am the love of my life

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Last update: 15 November 2021

The love of my life is me. And saying it out loud is not an act of selfishness or pride, but a simple truth that each of us should become aware of every morning, as if it were a nice cup of coffee with which to start the day.

It is not selfish who takes care of himself, who overcomes his fears, who heals his wounds, who leaves behind what has hurt him to face tomorrow with more optimism and resistance. Because if we are well, we will be able to give our best to others. We will be able to be happy and offer happiness.

We don't need to be better than anyone, or to have what others have. It should be enough for us to be ourselves, to be the love of our life, to offer others the best of what is contained in our peaceful soul, in our peaceful heart free of hatred and resentment.

While it may surprise you, the truth is that it is not easy to come to be able to love yourself fully and without limits. In a way, we are almost used to giving priority to the needs of others, and many times we attach ourselves to things as if they represent our identity: work, home, money ...

There are many dimensions that, layer by layer, cover us, creating an armor that, little by little, makes us lose the essence of love towards ourselves.

But we must never forget that, if we are well, the world is well. If our thoughts and emotions do not shine with the internal harmony that comes from respect for ourselves, our reality will be distorted. Today, with this article we want to invite you to reflect on this.

I had forgotten: the love of my life is me

Perhaps at some point you will have forgotten that the love of your life is you, because you have given priority to other people or perhaps you have never understood it, because since childhood they have made you feel insecure and have transmitted to you values ​​that have never put you first.

There always comes a time in life when we need to detach ourselves from certain things, people or situations. Some call it selfishness, but I call it self-love.

Self-love is not something that is taught at school. It is an aspect that each of us gradually discovers, like someone who finds a very powerful weapon that no one had ever told him about before. But why does this happen?

In our society they educate us by transmitting to us the very important value of love and respect for others, which is certainly essential.

Yet very often they forget to teach us how important it is to love ourselves. The fact of giving priority to ourselves is frowned upon and we sometimes judge some typical reactions of children as "childish selfishness".

Self-love is nothing more than the awareness of the fact that we are the love of our life, it is not an act of selfishness. Not if this dimension helps us build and protect ours self esteem.

Nobody loves himself because he considers himself better than others, better or with more rights. We love each other to protect ourselves, to know each other better, to prevent them from manipulating us, to know what we want and what we don't.

Self-love is not a feeling we should be ashamed of. Not only is it a fundamental tool for our well-being, but it helps us to create a balance that also allows us to respect others and be more empathetic.

Strategies to remember that the love of my life is me

Regardless of the circumstances that have led us to forget that the pillar of our life is ourselves, it is never too late to recover this certainty. This inner strength that restores balance to us, makes us happy and allows us to make the people we love feel good, those who really deserve it.

As you walk the path of life, you will find that it is not what you have that matters, but what you are worth.

We invite you to take note of a number of aspects on which it is good to reflect. Take a deep breath and think about it for a long time, to always remember that, without a doubt, the love of your life is you.

  • Stimulate internal dialogue: analyze which everyday aspects and situations undermine your self-esteem and distance you from the person you really are. Maybe you need to let certain things be, and even end some relationships.
  • Be empathetic with yourself: we are sure that you are very empathetic people with whom you are dealing with. Do you understand their situation, their pain, their needs… and yours? What would you say to yourself if you were in front of yourself?
  • You are authentic, unique and irreplaceable. It is not a slogan or a cliché. It is a truth you must start believing in today. You have virtues, characteristics and an essence that make you unique in the world and, therefore, important.

Have the courage to love yourself and to dedicate the time you deserve, because loving yourself does not in any way mean giving up loving others.. It means recognizing your importance and making yourself happy, because it is when you start being happy that life gives you the best of itself.

Images courtesy of Pascal Campion and Helene B. Jacson

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