Hypertension: what to eat?

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"I have high blood pressure": how many of you have said that often? How do you try remedy? First of all, talk to your doctor and follow his advice.

And then, even if it seems strange to you, give it ample creative outlet for your passions because repressing them could be among the psychosomatic causes of hypertension.

Above all, then, pay close attention to yours supply. Yes why eating the right foods can make a difference, for hypertension.


Hypertension: what to eat

There are several foods that help with hypertension; in general, it is fine eat fresh food, cooked by us lightly, do not season excessively, prefer fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains. Let's take a closer look at the allies against hypertension.


The garlic

Garlic contains a substance that stretches muscles and dilates blood vessels, thereby also lowering blood pressure. It acts best raw. A trick breath-saving: chop the garlic cloves (3-4) and swallow them as if they were tablets. The are also very good onions.



Bananas, and other foods rich in potassium, such as potatoes, tomatoes, oranges, soy, almonds. The potassium it is a vital mineral for the proper functioning of cells and contributes to regulate hypertension, balancing theexcess sodium, the main cause of hypertension.



Fish: its omega 3-rich fats perform an effective anti-inflammatory function and help regulate blood pressure. Prefer the blue fish or cold-water fish such as the salmon.


The celery

Celery according to the experts of oriental medicine in massive doses, that is 4 stems per day, has been shown to be useful in lowering blood pressure



Saffron: contains crocetin, a substance with proven anti-hypertension effect. Use it more often to season your dishes, and also try it as a drink, putting a pinch in you.


Fresh fruit and vegetables, lightly seasoned

Fresh fruit and vegetables, lightly seasoned, contain a lot of water and mineral salts able to counteract the dangerous excess of sodium.

For this purpose, cauliflower, pumpkin, green beans, grapes, apricots, cherries, plums are excellent.


Seeds and spices

Season with seeds and spices: you will avoid salt, equally giving flavor to your dishes.


High blood pressure: what to do?


Hypertension: what not to eat

Easy: don't eat nothing that has added salt. But it's not like saying it: you will find that the salt (intended as sodium chloride, and it is the sodium that increases the pressure) is always added in packaged products.

What to do then? A day we are allowed only a teaspoon of table salt, very little compared to our habits.

Let's see the list of foods not recommended in case of hypertension.

  • Bread: a single slice can contain as much as 230 milligrams of sodium, the 15% of the total to be taken during the day. The same prohibition applies to all baked goods: bread sticks, crackers and the like. Get used to consuming the unsalted bread, preferably wholemeal (it is naturally tastier)
  • Cold cuts, sausages and preserved meats in general: they contain a lot of sodium, essential for the preservation of the products and for the respect of the sanitary rules of their production, but harmful to health!
  • Soups and soups, and in general all the dishes ready: to enhance the flavor and promote conservation, they are enriched with salt, which is excessive compared to the daily requirement. Better to prepare everything at home, minimizing seasonings and added salt
  • Cheeses: always contain salt among their ingredients, and in excessive doses
  • Nuts, sauces, soy sauces and seasonings in general: they contain sodium in very excessive quantities. Look for their salt-free alternatives, or use spices for seasoning.
  • Pizza: the problem is not only the seasoning (which also has a considerable influence), but pasta, which could have an even higher quantity than 700 milligrams of sodium, which is about what we should consume in a whole day.


Good habits to take

Among the habits to adopt in your lifestyle we find:

  1. Via la saliera tableware: do not add salt to already seasoned dishes.
  2. Do not add salt to itcooking water of the pasta
  3. Cook yourself your meals, as much as possible, with attention to the seasonings.
  4. In general, get used to taste again genuine gods fresh food. It can take a long time, but, literally, health is at stake!


Salt and conscious eating


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