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When you get close to the crudismo vegano It's easy to get comments like, "That guy eats like he's always sick." This is because the lifestyle itself excludes processed food, white flours, refined sugars and animal proteins. I would stop instead to reflect on the fact that it is bad because the way we eat is not always that of being that they never stop loving themselves. We love each other on and off and on.

We talked about health and diet (in the sense of what you choose to take each dies), the continuous well-being that releases the intake of fruit and vegetables together with Elena Dal Forno, Certified Raw Chef in Advanced Contemporary Raw Cuisine.


Hygienic raw food in the land of spaghetti with meat sauce or a nice cut of Florentine steak. Is this a challenge for you? A need that crosses the national border and leads us to think in terms of global consumption and collective health?

For me it is not a challenge but one turning point of life, a radical change that I have undertaken in my personal style of being part of this world or this universe if you will. Little changes that he did it in the country of pasta and ham, I think it would have happened to me elsewhere too, in the France of cheeses or in the America of hamburgers and chips.

The challenge one undertakes is with oneself and with the idea that one has of one's body, one's mind and one's place in the world. Do I want to continue hurting myself through the food I swallow? Do I want to continue fattening the pharmaceutical industry? Do I want to continue to be complicit in the slaughter and animal abuse?

This is an incredible moment for the food industry where toxicity enters us in any form, we are literally poisoned by sophisticated, genetically modified, industrially processed foods until they reach our tables in forms that are appetizing to the palate but devastating from a health point of view. The pharmaceutical and cancer "industry" has never been so flourishing, let's ask ourselves why.

I could go on for hours on this chapter but I'll stop saying that the raw food, vegan and hygienic turning point is not the landscape but it is human, and I hope it reaches as many souls as possible. 



The logical connection between fruit and colitis is, alas, prevailing. Food combinations are not taken into account. One does not come to think that, perhaps, it is the white flours, combined with the consumption of fruit, that complicate the situation. Tell us what you think.

You said it yourself, our fruit consumption is 9 times out of 10 wrong. Hence a number of identified "problems" with fruit that are misleading. In general, colitis stems from previous intoxications, so it would go "cleansed" the organism with at least 28 days of fasting with juices and smoothies and see if that problem persists.

Fruit is one of the best foods that mother nature has made available to us. Among the most digestible of all. It should never be eaten at the end of a meal, with the terrible fruit salads where sweet and sour fruit is mixed together, it should never be eaten in combination with nuts or seeds or various pasta and even less with animal proteins. The fermentation of fruit in the already "intoxicated" organism can actually cause other problems. It should be eaten alone and possibly in monopasti, therefore only melons, only bananas etc ... above all melons and watermelons, alone and never close to the meat, it doesn't matter if it is red or white. About the consumption of meat, I just say that the meat takes 40 hours to be processed by the body, let's imagine a combination of meat and fruit! Deleterious.

Pineapple, apple and papaya, on the other hand, are among the few fruits that carry anti-fermenting enzymes and therefore can possibly be combined with other foods.

However, colitis can be defeated with hygienic and vital diets, made of centrifuged fruit and vegetables, especially for those who tend to have problems with fibers, centrifuges are the cure-all, but doctors will never recommend this. You heal from colitis as you heal from diabetes, tumors, and many other "diseases" by following a natural and healthy diet. Which does not mean eating "a little bit of everything" as doctors recommend but it means eliminating any animal protein and any food that has been altered, treated or genetically modified.


You are a journalist. Does the treatment pass between food and speech in different ways?

I like this question !! We "cure" especially with the word! It all goes through the "mouth" in a broad sense, as you can see, savoring food, the care we decide or not to introduce for that channel and the strength and energy with which we transmit this vision to others. Everything inevitably passes through a "saying" and a "communicating" that the power of the word can transform into excellent results. Communication these days is everything, it can change any perspective. An advertisement, a slogan, an electoral campaign, everything can change thanks to the right communication.


Let's talk about the changes you see in yourself since following a raw, vegan and hygienic diet. In addition to the aesthetic aspect, the global health of viscera and sense organs, being we holistically structured beings, also involve some aspects of the character and way of approaching the world?

I can actually tell you about a before and an after. In addition to natural weight loss, my body came to weigh what it always wanted but never managed, I lost 15 kilos in 9 months but in a healthy way and without any effort, the most important result for me was that energetic-spiritual-mental. I regained an energy that I don't think I had even in my twenties, a vital energy and a desire to do that invests me every day. The skin and the eyes are purified, the joints of the bones seem to be reborn from who knows where, I have never caught a cold, not even by mistake, the headaches have completely disappeared.

I must say that I fully reflect the theory of Arnold Ehret which says that the Vitality is given by Power (i.e. the calories introduced with food) minus the Obstruction or the "fatigue" that makes the body digest and take from junk foods what interests it, that is V = P - O. I suffered from some depressive crisis that is completely gone, I finally feel like a human being in harmony on his planet, ethical and compassionate, part of an energetic whole that crosses me and makes me feel good. Eating a mango, so beautiful, with the sun inside as I say, makes me feel as if nature is giving it to me every day. It is a wonderful feeling.

I can't live now without thinking of connect in this way with what I eat. And this also passes through other aspects of life, in the sense that now I also buy vegan clothing and try to live as ethically as possible.


Does the hygienic raw food diet include a detoxification period? How long does it last and how is it structured on the needs of the individual?

I would like to reiterate that it is not a diet but a lifestyle, a turning point, an illumination. It lasts forever, because when you change your lifestyle, as long as it suits you, you keep it. There is no return as I say, I could never go back to eating meat or fish now, as well as eggs and cheese. Periods of detoxification are person-to-person dependent, depending on how the body responds and what the toxic level of that particular organism is. If there are any previous allergies or intolerances.

In general, but this is only an indication, the primary "cleaning" cycle lasts 28 days because every 4 weeks our body renews itself, it is as if it changes skin, so there is a regeneration of tissues and cells that needs that time. But I repeat that for everyone it is different.


The main dish, the absolute masterpiece that your hands have created at the Matthew Kenney Academy.

I was very proud to have recreated a dish that my mom used to make me as a child, namely the agnolotti with artichokes but in a raw and healthy version. They gave me all the compliments. And then i raw and vegan Sicilian cannoli. I would have eaten a kilo !!!


At the Matthew Kenney Academy you have thoroughly studied gourmet raw food. How much space do you give in your training also to strictly nutritional, purely curative knowledge?

It was essential for me to learn about gourmet raw food as the top of the pyramid of the world raw food movement, and Matthew Kenney has certainly taken raw food to excellent levels. When you go to dinner in a gourmet restaurant, in general I say, you want to try something that you would never do at home, therefore complex dishes are welcome, visually and from a very satisfying point of view. But they are of course exceptions, albeit absolutely healthy, ethical and in line with my principles.

However, I am now looking to develop my own line e gourmet trend which also respects i nutrients and food combinations correct, for me these are fundamental and are still possible.  


In the Taoist diet there are some raw foods, such as radish or ginger, which heat up anyway. The idea of ​​the steaming hot pot may just be a habit that has become a common belief. In hygienic raw food, what are the foods that in contact with the palate and internal organs release a sensation of heat?

Exactly the ones you said, but also garlic, basil, chilli, curry.. but I smile a little because if we think carefully about food, everything we introduce produces calories, therefore energy / heat.

However, there is no contraindication to having a nice hot dish every now and then, I am not a "Nazi" nutrition integralist, the discourse is more general, and when you want something it is advisable to follow and listen to your body and "give in" possibly always within vegan limits. A beautiful lentil soup December XNUMX seems to me a very healthy thing.


The meal is also a moment of communion, common union. When a similar diet is adopted, people start asking questions. Cadaverine lunches and dinners become difficult to manage. Often you don't want to influence, but, in fact, you do. How to behave in this situation, without missing out on outings with closest friends?

Thank you for this question. I have learned that wanting is power and that if you are convinced of what you are doing there are no barriers or limits. If others eat pasta you can make yourself your salad, or your smoothie, or your plate of fruit. Sharing the time of the meal doesn't have to be a problem, if others look at you wrong at the beginning you resist, after a while they won't do it anymore and they will get used to it. If you explain why and how you eat they will be intrigued, and sooner or later they will also want to taste.

This also applies to dinners out or aperitifs, there is always at least one salad to eat around and in any case in the most desperate cases I always carry around some bananas, or almonds or goji berries. I think it is more important have a good time with friends expensive compared to what you put on your plate. Participating in a discussion or an evening regardless of the salad or fruit I'm eating. 


On Sunday 14 October at 10.30, together with Aida Foustok, you will lead a raw food cooking workshop. Do you plan to organize them in the country when you return?

Absolutely yes. I'm trying to involve structures and restaurants and clubs that can and want to be interested in this type of cuisine, for workshops or event evenings. I am also setting up a site with a friend of recipes for children who want to experiment with vegetables in order to bring them and their parents closer to veganism.

Let's say the primary goal is involve, teach by playing, try to change habits but without imposing. Everyone has to come to certain beliefs for themselves.


What does it mean to be vegan?




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