Hummus: the traditional recipe and 5 tasty variations

THEhummus it is a really tasty preparation to be enjoyed accompanying it with bread or raw vegetables. The basic ingredient of hummus is represented from chickpeas, which are boiled and mashed or blended until a homogeneous cream is obtained, easy to spread. In addition tochickpea hummus traditional, there are numerous variations to be prepared with the addition of other ingredients that serve to make thecolorful hummus and even tastier. So you can serve your guests hummus to spread in different colors and flavors. Here is one collection of recipes to prepare hummus classic and in the different variants that you can inspire yourself, perhaps according to the seasons.


Chickpea hummus: the traditional recipe

La traditional recipe of chickpea hummus indicates to use dried chickpeas to be left to soak for twelve hours and to boil and then let them cool and blend them with fresh parsley, a clove of garlic, the juice of half a lemon, two tablespoons of tahini sauce (sesame cream), a pinch of pepper and paprika. Add extra virgin olive oil to the ingredients. Those in a hurry can use the already boiled chickpeas, preferably in a glass jar. THU the complete recipe.

Beetroot hummus

THEbeetroot hummus it is very simple to prepare, but it is truly an amazing recipe for both the eyes and the palate. You will bring to the table a really lively sauce. Calculate to use 150 grams of precooked beetroot for 250-300 grams of boiled chickpeas. THU the complete recipe.

Carrot hummus

It's a really simple and tasty variation of the classic chickpea hummus. It is about adding steamed or baked carrots to the classic base prepared by blending the boiled chickpeas with extra virgin olive oil, sesame cream, parsley, lemon juice and a clove of garlic. THU the complete recipe.

Eggplant hummus

Eggplant hummus is a variation of traditional hummus, and will be even tastier using seasonal eggplants. In this way you will prepare a sauce for your city to spread on bruschetta, perfect for a pinzimonio or to dress your summer salads. You will need to prepare the tahini sauce and then add it to the eggplant cream. Here the complete recipe

Pumpkin hummus

Optionally you can prepare this variant of hummus only with pumpkin as a basic ingredient or combining pumpkin and boiled chickpeas. The advice is to cook the pumpkin in the oven or steamed, so that it does not absorb water as with boiling. You will also need tahini and extra virgin olive oil. THU the complete recipe.

Black bean hummus

In the preparation of this variant of the traditional hummus, the chickpeas are replaced with i black beans organic buckets. They will also serve you garlic (optional if you don't like it), lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil, parsley or coriander to taste and sesame cream. THU the complete recipe.

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