Humility that comes from the heart

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Humility that comes from the heart

Last update: 06 November 2015

Let's start by suggesting a little reflection: do you think humility is practiced today?

Maybe we should start by clarifying the term a bit. Sometimes we associate human humility with the altruism of people who are capable of giving and giving up everything to help his fellow men.

While it is clear that we can also include this aspect, humility is actually more than that. It is an inner good, it is an attitude, it is a way of thinking and feeling.

Many of us are used to prioritizing these dimensions that modern societies are used to emphasize in us: individualism, material attachment, competitiveness, even "disposable", that is, consuming and throwing away, fast living ...

In many of these ideas there is actually a brushstroke of thin selfishness, the other side of the scales in the hearts of humble people.

Today we talk about this, inviting you, as always, to reflect with us.

Humility and the power to know how to recognize others

Sometimes we get used to seeing the aforementioned behaviors almost every day. People used to prioritize themselves, to satisfy their needs while ignoring others, to experience life as fast as possible.

In many of these profiles we see what the sociologist Zygmunt Bauman calls "liquid relations ". It is about friendship or couple relationships with which we build such fleeting and weak bonds to make them end in a hurry and, at times, without the need to say goodbye in person. It's enough "Eliminate friendship" sui social network.

In these behaviors we often read a lack of inner knowledge, consequently, of emotional maturity and, why not say it, of humility.

Showing openness and gratitude to others is one of the most basic values ​​of the human being. We all need to be recognized as people, who recognize our efforts, virtues, needs, etc.

If the mother and father do not recognize their children, they will not feel safe in their steps. They will not know what the trust and support and attachment they will develop towards their parents will not be secure or full.

And what can be said about couple relationships?

Having a humble person next to you, capable of recognizing their mistakes, to always act with sincerity, without selfishness and knowing how to identify the little things that build love in the couple day after day, it is undoubtedly the most precious asset we can aspire to.

The value of forgiveness

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