How we wake up affects the rest of the day

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How we wake up affects the rest of the day

Last update: July 01, 2017

Have you ever noticed the way you wake up in the morning? Hardly anyone gives importance to this moment, but the truth is that it could be one of the most crucial of the day. How we start the day has a significant impact on its performance, or at least this is what the studies reveal.

Many people would be willing to pay any amount of money just to stay another five minutes under the covers. Within this category there is a subgroup of people who prolong their rest as much as possible and are therefore forced to run the rest of the day. For many, getting out of bed is an unpleasant time, the first hurdle they face on any given day.

Either way, science has found that early morning actions affect how we behave the rest of the day. Because of this, we want to give you 5 tips so that you can adopt a positive attitude upon awakening and live a profitable day.

Obey the alarm clock!

Many set the alarm to sound every, already knowing they won't get up at the first sound. If you do this too, change your habit. A study conducted by the European Sleep Research Society (ESRS) confirmed that delaying the alarm all the time causes "memory loss, less ability to react and a reduction in performance throughout the day".

If you only get up after all the alarms you set have been sounded, then we encourage you to use a technique that has been very successful in eliminating this habit. Before going to sleep, set your alarm to sound at intervals of. As soon as it rings, get up. Repeat the process 10 times. Your brain will be programmed to do the same thing the next morning.

If you stand up, be grateful and find motivation

If you get up right away, thinking only about the time or what you have to do during the day, you will probably start the morning with a low morale.. Do not indulge in stress and worries from the early hours of the morning.

It's not that hard, just take a minute to be grateful for the chance to live a new day. You are worthy people, who strive to move forward, and who deserve a good day. You can also think of a ritual, a kind of prayer or prayer to be said when you get up. This minute will give you the right frame of mind to start the day well.

Breathe and stretch

After the minute of thanksgiving and self-motivation, sit on the bed and stretch. Stretch out as much as possible. Extend your arms and at the same time bend and lengthen your legs. This simple movement tells the muscles that it is time to prepare for the activity, but without tension.

If you get up when the alarm goes off, give thanks and stretch, your body and mind will be well prepared to start the day in the best way.

Furthermore, if you want to empower and strengthen this good habit, give yourself another minute to breathe. Breathing holds the key to maintaining good physical and mental health. Inhale and exhale deeply so that the brain is oxygenated and so do the muscles. You will feel great.

Don't drink coffee, drink water

The Orientals assure that those who drink a glass of water in the morning on an empty stomach avoid many diseases and extend their life. Drinking a glass of water is a way to wake up and activate digestion in a gentle and healthy way. It also helps eliminate toxins.

Usually when you get up, you drink a coffee to recharge your batteries. However, it appears that drinking coffee too early can inhibit the natural production of the stress hormone cortisol you need to get through the day. The ideal is to drink the first cup of coffee starting at 9:30, 10:00 in the morning.

Forget to check your email or cell phone

Firstly, it is not a good habit to sleep with your cell phone next to your bed, unless it is turned off. Electronic devices have a negative impact on sleep. Furthermore, if you use your phone as an alarm clock, keeping it in another room will be a good reason why you will have to get up to turn it off.

According to some experts, those who have the habit of checking their e-mails upon waking up will live the rest of the day with great fatigue. No email is so important that you can't wait to shower, get dressed, and have breakfast. This first moment of the day is for you and only for you. Don't waste it by building up stress ahead of time.

When you get up, try to follow this routine and take care of yourself. If you notice, it won't take you away more than and, in return, you'll gain a better attitude and a better mood throughout the day. It is also a way to increase self-esteem that improves your quality of life in the long run.

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