How to win a man back: 10 sneaky but effective techniques

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You stai chiedendo how to win a man back who left you? You are in the right place!

Life can seem terrible when the one you love unilaterally decides to move on and abandon you. It is a gesture that appears cruel and unjustifiable, and that plunges you into the abyss of pain and suffering. Sometimes even depression.

As much as I would like to tell you that there is a magic formula to put things right, and to return your ex in your arms in the blink of an eye, the reality is unfortunately another ...

Getting a man back is possible in most cases, but it requires a great deal of commitment on your part, devising a strategy tailored to your situation, and the use of advanced reconquest techniques based on psychology, seduction and persuasion.

Sometimes it can be quite easy, especially if you follow the directions in this article to the letter… while other times it can be quite a challenge. For example, here are some factors that can complicate your path to regaining:

  • you don't live in the same city;
  • he already has someone else or has left you for someone else;
  • there have been betrayals between you;
  • you have already made many mistakes after he left you.

But if you still really love him, or even have shared the best years of your life with him, there is no alternative: you have to at least give it a try!

To get a better idea of ​​what your real chances of regaining are, I recommend that you take this quick online test

It only takes two minutes to complete - you'll need to answer 15 simple questions about your relationship with the ex, and you will instantly get a result expressed as a percentage.

In the article you are reading I will introduce you to some tested and effective reconquest techniques, thanks to which it is possible to win back a man with minimal effort and without losing one's dignity.

How to win a man back: psychology

Let's start with some psychology of your relationship. You need to know that the main reasons why he may have decided to leave you are the following:

  • is facing a midlife crisis and is looking for new stimuli;
  • no longer considers you a palatable partner from a physical point of view;
  • for some reason he has lost interest in you;
  • feels oppressed from you or from family life;
  • you do not have the right communication methods, or the communication between you has been interrupted;
  • not heard quite appreciated and valued by you;
  • there is no longer a connection between you and boredom has taken over the relationship.

As you can see, the reasons can be many, and even before asking yourself how to win your man back, you should carry out a careful analysis of what was no longer working in your relationship.

10 proven techniques to win back a man

We are ready to see 10 of the most effective techniques to win back an ex. Let's begin!

The letter

Sending a letter to your ex partner to surprise and hit him is one of the most powerful ways to get a man back. It will work because he doesn't expect to receive a letter from you containing those words.

But be careful: rather than telling him that you miss and love him so much, in the letter you will have to apply reverse psychology to make him curious. Only in this way will you succeed in your intent. Let's see an example of a letter to win back a man!

"Hi Gabriele,

I just wanted to write to you briefly to apologize. I realized that lately I have been behaving very heavily, almost as a child, and I have lost all my lucidity.

Now I'm better, and with a cold mind I realize it's okay to take a break. Each of us needs to take a different path, and at this stage we cannot do it together.

A very surprising thing also happened to me this week, and I can't wait to tell you about it, but it's still too early to do so. Now we need our spaces.

A hug, Michela. "

To have a powerful and immediate effect you can use one of the letter templates you find in my ebook. The result is guaranteed ?

The no contact

The so-called no contact principle represents one of the most used techniques ever to get back an ex or an ex.

It consists in ceasing any kind of relationship and correspondence with the ex, for a specified period of time that begins immediately after being left.

It is not about severing relationships in a clear and blatant way, blocking the other person on social networks or insulting them. Instead, the goal is to disappear for a while, to leave the scene elegantly and without making noise.

By applying the principle of no contact you will get multiple benefits:

  • you will have time for recover the lost lucidity, and ask yourself about the real reasons why your story is over;
  • you will have the opportunity to improve your appearance, your social life and correcting any behaviors that led your ex to move away;
  • you'll create the right distance between you and your ex, and that's the only way to make him miss you and push him to question his decision to leave you.

However, there is a fundamental prerequisite for this to happen: you must not contact him, and in general you must not chase him in any way!

You must know that sometimes the behavior of men in relationships is similar to that of a rubber band: first they move away until they reach the maximum point of distance, and then they suddenly come back, even more in love than before. I explain exactly the dynamics in this article.

If you have patience, and in the meantime you do a great deal of work on yourself, it is entirely possible that your ex will decide to come back to you spontaneously, without the need to press him or try to rationally convince him.

Make him jealous

Making your ex jealous is also a really effective technique to get them to spontaneously return to you.

He has never questioned that he has great power over you. He left you thinking that, most likely, if in the future he changes his mind and misses you, it could easily take you back.

In short, he thinks that in any case you would always be ready to welcome his return with open arms, and this certainty does not allow him to miss you or to realize what he is losing now that you are no longer together.

Jealousy, when used with caution, can be a very powerful weapon in getting a man back. But be careful! There are many cases where making your ex jealous might be more harmful than beneficial. I talk about it in depth in my ebook.

Ask him to help you do something

The last of the techniques I want to tell you about in this article is to ask your ex to help you do something.

If at the end of the no contact period you started to feel it again as I explain in my articles and in my ebook, and if now the atmosphere between you two is much more relaxed, without pressure, negativity or expectations, that of asking him to help you do something can be not only an effective move, but a decisive one. For example, you could write to him:

“I have to move some furniture around the house and I can't by myself… isn't it that you give me a hand? Last time you were very good: D "

Clearly previously you must have rebuilt a minimum of relationship with him. You couldn't send him this message suddenly if you haven't heard from for example for a month. It would not make sense.

If you don't feel like inviting him to your house, or you're afraid it's too risky a move, you can move more cautiously:

“I have to choose the birthday present for my grandson. You sure know better than me what he likes. Can you help me choose it Saturday afternoon? ;) "

Inviting your ex on a date is a move I do not recommend because it would give him the impression that you are still trying to win him back or that in any case you have strong expectations in his regards. Instead, seeing him again with the excuse that you need his help to do something sets a much better foundation for a rapprochement: it gives him the opportunity to invest in you and at the same time to see you again without feeling any pressure.

Other techniques to win back a man

What I have told you about so far are some basic techniques, which will be of enormous help to you to win back a man or an ex-husband, but may not be enough.

After years of experience in helping women to rebuild a relationship with the man who left them, I have come to develop some more advanced and sophisticated reconquest techniques, suitable for almost any situation, and with a very high success rate.

These are indirect and somewhat "subtle" techniques, sometimes a little counterintuitive, but they are able to enormously accelerate the reconquest process, impress your ex and make him fall back into your arms, even if the situation now seems far from good between you.

THE GREAT DIVERSIVE -> It will serve to intrigue your ex, rekindle interest on his part, and incentivize him to re-engage in your relationship.

THE COMBINED ENCOUNTER -> You can't even imagine how effective a "chance meeting" with your ex can be if done right, and especially if you say the right words to him.

THE LETHAL DANCE -> With this ploy you will put your ex in check. His reaction and even the reconquest could be very immediate.

THE SHOWCASE TECHNIQUE -> Using this technique, you will recover value from your ex and convince him that being away from you is just a big mistake.

THE TECHNIQUE OF DISSEMINATION -> One of my favorite techniques because it can be used in most situations. While being very indirect it will allow you to regain a lot of points towards your ex.

THE TRICK OF REFUSAL -> Desperate times call for desperate measures. I don't recommend this technique in all cases, but it can often have surprising effects, for example if: He has lost interest in you, sees you only as a friend, or is dating someone else.

Win back a man: special cases

Let's now look at some particular cases in which you may find yourself, and which deserve additional considerations beyond what we have already said so far.

How to win back a betrayed or injured man

If you want to know how to win back a hurt or angry man, you must first be clear about the reasons for his resentment towards you.

Didn't you treat him with respect? Have you betrayed his trust?

In any case, you must avoid engaging in pleading attitudes, as humiliating yourself in an attempt to remedy the mistakes you have made will not do you any good.

Your ex needs time and space, not futile promises.

At the right moment it will also be essential to make him understand that you have changed for the better, and that the end of your story has been a reason for growth for you, thanks to which you have questioned and eliminated those attitudes that could have hurt him in the past.

Sending him an apology letter and then starting the no-contact period is in most cases the most effective strategy to take.

How to win back a stubborn man

If when he left you he seemed very determined in his decision, and now continues to stick to it with a lot of energy, you may think that you have no chance of making him change his mind.

He may have told you that by now he doesn't love you anymore, and that you just have to forget it, since now it's over between you. But are you sure what he's telling you is true?

Remember when, going back a few months, he declared that he loved you madly and wanted to be with you forever. You know he was sincere, yet now he seems to have totally changed my mind about your relationship.

This means that it will be possible to reverse the situation once again, and win back a stubborn man, if you follow the right path of reconquest without taking the necessary steps.

In this case, the secret will be to apply the inverse psychology, and follow the advice contained in my article.

How to win back a Pisces, Libra, Gemini man ...

If you are wondering how to win back a man Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces… let me tell you something.

Knowing the zodiac sign is absolutely not a relevant data to win back a man. Leave astrology alone for now and focus on the path I suggest in my articles and in my ebook ?

How to win back a narcissistic man

If your ex is a narcissist, or has narcissistic personality traits, you will need to be careful to avoid their manipulations. The subconscious goal of narcissists is to have full control over their prey, thus holding the totality of power.

However, to win a man back, you need to be able to re-establish a balance of power between you, and if this balance has never been there, you must be able to achieve it for the first time, totally changing the way you relate to him.

It is not easy to deal with a narcissistic man, but if you are really aware of what you are doing and have decided that you still want to win him back, I invite you to read the article: How to win back a narcissistic man.

How to win back a man who wants to be alone

If he has told you he wants to be alone, the best thing you can do is to be understanding and willingly leave him his spaces. It is natural for a man to sometimes feel the need to be completely free again, and if a woman comes between him and his need, there will be no future for the relationship.

The man behaves like a rubber band: sometimes he moves away, but if you do not chase him and remain firm in your position, he will come back to you with even more thrust. To learn more about this dynamic, read the article: what to do if he disappears and then returns.

How to win back a man who has another

If your ex has left you for someone else, or has already partnered up with another woman after your relationship has ended, you are in a very complicated situation from an emotional point of view. You may be more prone to making serious mistakes, such as making jealousy scenes or desperate gestures.

It is very important that you refrain from engaging in these behaviors and that you commit yourself first of all to recovering a lucid mental state. To learn more, read: how to win back an ex who is with another.

How to win back a man who has lost interest

If your ex (or the man you were dating) has lost interest in you and has drifted away from you, what you need to do is first make some positive changes in your appearance and habits. By showing yourself renewed and communicating your changes indirectly (for example with an effective use of social networks) you will certainly be able to attract his attention.

How to get a man back: conclusion

Thank you for reading this article on how to get a man back. I just have to wish you good luck on your journey!

If you want to deepen each of the techniques I have presented to you, and see them integrated into a complete method that will lead you to win back your ex in a few weeks, and to change the way you see relationships forever.

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