How to ward off bad luck

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Drive away bad luck: surprisingly, they still exist today so many superstitious people seeking i remedies to combat and avoid misfortune, relying on - so to speak - “esoteric” solutions.

Superstition, superstition and ignorance seem to be difficult enemies to eradicate, although sources of knowledge and learning abound in our society overcome the cultural backwardness typical of popular beliefs.

stave off bad luck definitely there are less questionable and more concrete solutions: I'm talking about strategy that are offered to us by personal growth namely the self-help philosophy (self-help) whose motto is: Help yourself that God helps you.

What does this mean? It means you are the master of your destiny, both for good and for bad. The level of your accomplishments, the quality of your life, income, debts, feelings, things you experience, all depend solely on you, your choices and your ability to react to events. It is not chance, fate, luck or misfortune that determines who you are and what you have. It is you. You and no one else. If you don't accept this outlook on life, you will just complain and blame someone else or something else for the results you achieve.

Bad luck is the great alibi of the bankrupt.

Roberto Gervaso

Of course, there are events that are beyond our control, and that we cannot predict in any way. Events to us external on which we cannot exert any influence. But this is part of those inscrutable mysteries of life difficult to investigate. Far be it from me to go into such an "unexplored" field. In any case, the unknown also represents something compelling: if we could control everything and always know the outcome of everything, our life would become extremely boring.

Apart, however, the events over which we cannot exercise our control, most of the things that happen to us depend on us, sometimes directly, sometimes indirectly. When I speak of stave off bad luck I mean these circumstances, which they definitely are more numerous and incisive than the uncontrollable ones.

So, if until today you have believed to be haunted by bad luck, bad luck, bad luck or bad luck, whatever you want, I have good news for you: no one is doomed to bad luck. You can rest assured: there is no intangible force that condemns you to failure or poverty. If anything it is you yourself who condemns yourself to an unsatisfactory life because of this negative belief. It is you who choose to be unlucky, creating your own misfortunes. And if you are now thinking that this is not the case at all, all you do is confirm this thesis, since it means that you are not assuming a mental attitude that will positively predispose you to life. You're doing the victim, those who complain of self-pity are destined to remain a loser.

How to ward off bad luck

Let's see in the concrete How can you stave off bad luck. In this regard, I have identified one set of practical strategies that will help you eliminate bad luck urging you to take the reins of your destiny in hand.

  • Change perspective. stave off bad luck, you have to get into the order of ideas that you are a person who has the power to determine the quality of life you lead. You either create or allow things to happen in your life without being able to do anything about them. You don't have to go through life; you have to determine it! Make something happen directly through your individual initiative. Give enterprising and rule your destiny. Imagine your life as a blank canvas. Instead of letting others or chance paint it, you create the masterpiece of your existence, modeling it in the image and likeness of your dreams. This implies have discipline, be creative e give something extra, opposing any temptation to postpone the actions to be taken.
  • Take total responsibility for your life. stave off bad luck, you must be willing to take 100% responsibility for your life. Of course, it's not easy: taking on such an important responsibility is certainly a huge task. But if you want to become the master of your own destiny, you absolutely must do it. You can deepen this point by reading the article in which I explain to you how to take full responsibility for your life.
  • Stop complaining. stave off bad luck, you have to stop complaining. All the blame is just a big waste of time! No one can change the outcome of what they experience in life simply by complaining. All you complain about are circumstances that you can change, otherwise you wouldn't complain. Therefore, if it is a question of situations that can be improved, why instead of choosing to stay where you are, you don't give yourself a move to achieve the results you want? Get busy and change anything that's not working!
  • Don't always look for alibis or justifications. Another key aspect for stave off bad luck and becoming master of your destiny is about the aptitude to find excuses. The losers are almost always nothing more than people with the "vice" of justification. If you want to be successful, you must also give up all excuses, all alibis, all justifications, all temptations to be the victim, all your propensity to blame others or external circumstances. You have probably happened to blame your parents, friends, acquaintances, colleagues, boss, customers, spouse, media, the economic and employment crisis, the horoscope, the weather conditions, the lack of time. or money. The reason you did this now doesn't matter anymore. The important thing is that from today you are aware that the root of all your problems is within you; therefore, if there is something in your life that you don't like, you can only blame yourself.
  • Persevere Those who do achieve in life they are simply gods dreamers who never gave up. So, for stave off bad luck and avert failure, persevere in your goals. Many people they make the mistake of immediately throwing in the towel: at the first difficulties they are demoralized and are convinced that their project is not valid. These individuals - sadly - don't realize that the problem is not the validity or otherwise of the project, but their compliance. Remember, many obstacles you encounter are actually nothing more than hidden opportunities; therefore, don't be fooled by the appearance! Consider the defeats as something merely temporary and subvertible, and not as limitations. Believe in your goals and carry them forward with passion and determination. If difficulties continue, hone your preparation and skills or ask someone more experienced than you for help. In conclusion, never give up without first trying it all the way through. Don't you think it would be a shame to stop "one meter from the gold"?

As you will have understood by reading this article, you do not need any special magic rituals, remedies, blessings, amulets or good luck charms. The truth is that you already have everything you need to ward off bad luck and create your fortunes. Instead of wasting time (and money) on superstition, focus on yourself and exercise the power to create the life you desire.

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