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    How to tell if you are wasting your time and your life

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    Are you wasting your time and your life? Here's how to figure it out.

    Madness is always doing the same thing and expecting different results.

    Albert Einstein

    Take a moment to imagine what you will be like when you are old and to visualize your children and grandchildren; try to imagine yourself in your home, perhaps retired and try to ask your alter ego:

    If you could relive your life, wouldn't you want to get more satisfaction? If you could reuse all the time you were given, would you stop doing things?

    I bet you answered both questions positively, so are you doing something to change your habits to avoid answering affirmatively?

    Are you making the most of the time you have been granted or are you inexorably wasting it?

    Remember that your time is your life.

    To understand this, there are clear signs that are often difficult to notice about yourself, but they immediately catch the eye if you are a little careful about what others are doing.

    So get ready to get yourself a goodexamination of conscience as objective as possible and try to understand if you are also unconsciously sending one of these signals.

    How to tell if you are wasting your time

    # 1 Live waiting for weekends

    If you have the habit of spending your days working and thinking exclusively about next weekend, maybe you are doing something wrong.

    You have chosen well people around you and the work you do? Why aren't you happy every day? Why do you live seven days a week but are only happy two? Don't you think something is wrong?

    Happiness should be lived everyday, if you are not happy with your day, start to change something, start with small gestures and maybe establish some good habits, perhaps one of those of the rich.

    # 2 You tell yourself that tomorrow will be better

    Probably in life sooner or later it happens to everyone to repeat this phrase sometimes: today it went like this but tomorrow it will be better.

    All of this is normal, but it is not if it becomes a philosophy of life. If every day you tell yourself that tomorrow will be better, maybe you wasted yours today instead of using it to improve your tomorrow.

    Live your present well because it will be the past of your future.


    Work today for your future, just console yourself by hoping that tomorrow someone will do something for you, because not gonna happen.

    You must be the first to act, do not wait for others to change your life, do it yourself, without procrastinating.

    # 3 Daydreams

    Do you daydream all the time and imagine things as you would like them to be?

    Here too this is a symptom that we all experience in person at one time or another, but this too should not happen too often.

    Dreaming allows you to visualize your desires, and it is useful, but then try to work hard to make them come true. don't crystallize on what you want, but make it a reality.

    If you spend most of your time imagining a different life maybe you should work hard to reach this life you dream of so much, start immediately, don't put it off any longer.

    # 4 You hope and wait for the miracle

    Wait and hope.

    If this is your philosophy of life and in order not to be proven wrong you play the ticket every night hoping for a bang, you are probably not satisfied with what you have, save the money from the ticket that won't make you happy.

    Even if one day you won at the Superenalotto you would still have lost a large part of your life waiting for an external win without enjoying it and without enjoying your own. personal win earned with your sweat.

    Learn to be happy every day, if you really want to, hope for a miracle but don't wait for it.

    # 5 You tell yourself the usual lies

    If you spend your days telling yourself that tomorrow will be better or that you have already done a lot today, maybe you should ask yourself a few more questions.

    If you keep doing the same things over and over, tomorrow will not be better, but everything will take place the same as yesterday and today.

    No overestimate your future self, what makes you think that tomorrow you will have the courage to do more or the desire to start your project?

    How many times have you said to yourself one of these phrases that are so fashionable:

    • If only I had more time I could ...
    • Today I have already done a lot
    • I start tomorrow
    • If only I were more sure of myself I could ...
    • If I were young ...
    • There's Crysis
    • If I had this or that my life would be great

    By continuing to lie to yourself, you will never change anything.

    If you think you've done a lot, start demanding something extra by yourself, if there are people who regularly do more then you can too.

    Are you wasting your life?

    The time you use every day is your life, always postponing your success, your happiness, your project to tomorrow, you postpone your life to an indefinite tomorrow, but is it really worth it?

    Are you still here reading? What are you waiting for?

    If you recognized yourself, this article begins starting from yourself, don't waste your time.

    PS Did you know that I have created a course to change your life?

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