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Being able to strengthen one's character is the necessary condition for achieving one's most ambitious goals.


"You worry more about your character than your reputation, because your character is who you really are, while your reputation is only what others think of you."

John Wooden.

How many times have it happened to you that you are faced with a difficulty, a setback or an obstacle and wish to have a stronger character to face these life challenges without hesitation?

Yes, André, I'd like to… but you know how it is: people of character are born!

If that's what you really think, you are definitely on the wrong blog.

For many years now I have been sharing here on GetPersonalGrowth practical strategies to achieve your goals in study, work and life and if there is something I do not accept it is precisely the excuse ... "people of character are born".

We build our character!

We shape it every single day, every single action, every single choice.

Discipline, willpower, resilience, in short, all those mental and moral qualities that I love to collect in the word The beams, can be learned and developed through correct strategies.

In today's article I would like to share with you one that is as simple as it is effective. I promise you it will be a short and concrete article, but don't miss the ending: they are there 3 news that I have prepared for you.

Strengthen your character as a Navy SEAL

I recently finished reading the book "Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win". The author of the text is Jocko Willink, a former Navy SEAL officer, the US Navy Special Forces.

The book provides many interesting insights into the topic of leadership: if you work in an organization or have to manage a team, I recommend reading it.

Leadership aside, however, one of the passages that intrigued me the most, and that I immediately wanted to test, is the one in which Willink describes a simple personal habit which has helped him over the years to strengthen his character.

Here are his words:

“Your character is shaped every day, when the first alarm goes off. I used the expression "first wake up" because I use three ... so I have no excuse not to get out of bed, considering how important this moment is.

The alarm clock is indeed the first test of the day and is able to influence the entire trend. It's not a difficult test: when the alarm goes off you can choose whether to get up immediately or stay under the covers.

If you have the discipline to get up, you have won - passed test. If, on the other hand, your character is weak in that decisive moment and you allow it to keep you under the covers, you have lost.

While staying in bed may seem like an insignificant choice, in reality that first decision of the day negatively affects all others. If, on the other hand, you learn to exercise your character from the moment you wake up, it will come out stronger every day. "

Jocko Willink.

I promised you: a short, simple, concrete and effective strategy for strengthen your character. I'll tell you more, I've been experiencing it myself for more than a month now and it's impressive how this single morning decision affects the rest of the day.

It is no coincidence that he wanted to share it with you at this time of the year ...

Strengthen your character to experience an epic year

Many think that January is the month of the "turning point": let's do our goodies good (s) purposes at the beginning of the year and we believe that that is enough to finally change life. I guess you don't need to tell you the ending… right? ;-)

If we really want a radical change, if we want to finally have the best year of our life, a epic year, we need to start laying the foundations for this shift now, in the weeks leading up to New Year's Eve.

And this year I can assure you that I will do everything I can to help you bring about this change in your life.

Starting your day with the “Navy SEAL alarm clock” will help you face it with the right mental attitude. But this technique is only the first step. In the new year, I'll share new strategies every week to help you be more effective.

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