How to seduce a man

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How to seduce a man

Last update: May 06, 2015

If we lived in a fairytale, it would be really easy to win a man's heart. We could pretend we are distracted and lose a crystal slipper because our prince will look for us in love throughout the kingdom.. The more naive could choose between biting the poisoned apple of the evil witch and pricking themselves with a spinning wheel and then patiently waiting for the sweet kiss of prince charming.

However, we are not fairy tale characters. We can't count on the support of a fairy godmother and we can't even ask Cupid for help. We are left with no choice but to forget about love elixirs and potions because they won't get us the desired result. Normally, in real life, we are given pumpkins that don't turn into carriages, arrows don't get to the right recipient, or we get confused with the correct doses of love potion ingredients.

We stay with our feet on the ground. After all, there is no need to resort to magic tricks.

Did you know that the first ten minutes are the most important when you get to know someone?

This small amount of time is enough to decide if we want to get to know a person thoroughly or if we want to reject them completely. We have a tendency to stop at first impressions. We analyze the gestures, the attitude, the way of dressing, speaking, the appearance, the language he uses. In short, everything. For this, it is essential to show the best of ourselves at all times, so that others can see that the person they find before their eyes is unique and special.

Did you know that a sense of humor is one of the tools of seduction used by the human being?

The person who is able to laugh easily, who sees the funny side of life, who smiles, who conveys joy, is much more attractive than a serious person, who always sees the glass as half empty. A good dose of humor favors the approach of people and improves relationships between them. Laughter raises our serotonin levels, causing the brain to produce positive thoughts and emotions. So don't forget to smile when you are with the person you like!

Did you know that people who look into your eyes are more attractive?

Who among us has never looked someone in the eye and saw sadness, worry about a situation or overflowing joie de vivre? The eyes are the mirror of the soul. Words deceive or ruffle, but the eyes don't lie, you know. Your eyes show your feelings without you being able to avoid it. They indicate to the other that you are interested in him. Maintain eye contact and look him in the eye: the look seduces.

Being able to keep an interesting and pleasant conversation will be another point in your favor. The silences between one sentence and another seem eternalOn the other hand, if the conversation is dissolved, everything will be much easier from the start. The point is not to present yourself with a prepared speech or to have planned all that will be said in advance, but thinking about a topic you can chat about will avoid getting you stuck and dull.

The scent

Your perfume says a lot about you, because each fragrance is different depending on the PH of the skin on which it is applied. Oriental-type perfumes convey warmth, while floral ones suggest romanticism thanks to their composition. Fruity ones are a sign of sweetness and those made from a combination of wood and spices, such as coriander and cedar, have traditionally been considered attractive..

The trick


If you want to play with the symbolism of colors, remember that pink is associated with feminine qualities and evokes love. Red is linked to passion and desire, while its lowest shade, light red, suggests sensuality and love. According to some men, the most feminine lips are those that shine a deep red thanks to the application of a lipstick. Consider, however, that imitating the legendary Marilyn Monroe is not easy at all, so if you want to draw the gaze to your lips, the make-up on the rest of the face must be as simple as possible.

It is essential to be natural, spontaneous, yourself. Forget the fear of what man may say or think about you, don't feel ridiculous for showing yourself as you are. Playing a part is a behavior reserved for actresses and never gives results in the real world, because in everyday life that person you like so much will end up realizing that you are not what you seemed, that you are artificial.

Love yourself and trust yourself. If you are sure of who you are and what you are worth, you will surely seduce them.

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