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    How to save a relationship in crisis: 5 necessary steps

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    How to save a relationship in crisis?

    The moment you start a relationship it is done with the best of intentions. You are in love, you feel on the same wavelength, you start making big plans. In short, even in perspective, everything looks rosy.

    The truth, however, is that there are some life events that they can go so far as to put a relationship in crisis. The two partners do not recognize each other for how much they have changed, the needs and desires change, the arrival of a child upsets the balance.

    In short, there are many motivations which can lead a couple to experience moments of misunderstanding, estrangement, disinterest and, in the worst case, even falling out of love.

    However, if you have come to this guide it means that you are aware of the moment of crisis that your couple is going through, and that you don't want to give up. In fact, you have every best intention of saving the relationship and being happy with your partner again.

    Well, here you will find the information you were looking for. At the end of the reading it will be very clear to you how you and your partner will have to act to succeed, together, to make your relationship shine again.

    How to save a relationship: 5 tips

    When a couple experiences a moment of crisis they must be aware of reasons that led to the crisis itself. This, in fact, as we will see better shortly, is the first point on which to start working.

    At the same time, however, you need to be aware that saving a love affair doesn't mean hitting the "replay" button and starting over. The reconciliation that is being sought can only happen making changes and questioning themselves as individuals and as a couple.

    Therefore, saving a relationship means “Eliminate” what didn't work before and that brought unhappiness, quarrels, arguments and any other negative situation.

    This is not a simple premise, but one necessary awareness to be able to face the whole path in the best possible way. Let's now see together how to save a relationship:

    1. Understanding the crisis

    The first thing to do in order to save a love relationship in danger is to understand (both individually and with the partner) what are the reasons that led to the crisis.

    In order to look for the solutions you need to first identify the problem. And therefore, it is necessary to stop and reflect on what did not work, what did not make you happy, which led to estrangement. For example, did you start taking yourself for granted and the passion faded? Have you been betrayed or disrespected? Did you let yourself go physically and he lost interest? You smothered her with jealousy and now she's gone away?

    Problems can be of different nature. In any case, they must be understood and resolved to remedy the crisis. However, this does not mean that to save your relationship you will only have to dwell on what was not working. The key will also be to recognize, improve e strengthen further what already unites you and makes you happy together.

    2. Speak constructively

    Quite often, within a relationship the importance of how one speaks to one's partner is overlooked in everyday life. You say what you think in the moment, without stopping too much to reflect and bring out negative words and feelings, which hurt the other person.

    In short, paradoxically, sometimes one is kinder to strangers than to one's partner. Therefore, too the way you speak is fundamental to be able to feel good and balanced within the relationship.

    To this is added the communication relating to the crisis itself, which must be as transparent as it is constructive. In order to save a couple relationship it is necessary that both partners are actively involved, and with the best of intentions.

    Therefore, we need to talk to each other with affection, kindness and sincerity, looking for a dialogue that can be constructive and, at the same time, become meaningful for rapprochement. A very useful technique to improve communication within a couple in crisis is, for example, to write letters to each other.

    3. Forgive mistakes made

    When you have the intention of saving a relationship in crisis it is very important avoid living with an eye to the past. In a relationship you can make several mistakes, as well as, unfortunately, sometimes you suffer them.

    This discourse, therefore, interests the partner who has been wronged or who has been disappointed much more. If you want to save the relationship you need to let go of what happened, approaching a speech of forgiveness.

    Turning the page on a wrong received is not easy, and in fact, even in this case it is necessary that there is a lot collaboration between the two partners. Those who have made a mistake must put themselves in a position to be forgiven, and those who have suffered must undertake not to remain hooked to the disappointment suffered.

    4. Leave space for each other

    Sometimes, to find yourself even more united than before, it is first necessary to take a step back. For example, if your partner does not cooperate, seems willing to end your relationship or demands more freedom, you should give it space, without putting any form of pressure on him.

    This does not mean giving up, but giving each other the chance to find your balance and their own identity even outside the couple. If you too take advantage of this difficult time to enrich your life and pursue your interests, both of you will recharge your energy and you can soon find yourself much more attracted to each other.

    Obviously the whole process, if you are still together, should be done with total respect for the other person, without further damaging the relationship.

    5. Spend quality time together

    In addition to giving each other space, it is also important to find profound moments of sharing, so as to cultivate the sentimental, affective and loving part of your relationship as a couple, definitively saving it from the crisis.

    In this phase it is very important to find ourselves sharing moments that they can produce positive and engaging emotions, which make the two partners still feel very complicit and happy.

    To do this, on the one hand it will be necessary to live daily life in a different way, but on the other hand, also to introduce new things into your relationship, to do new and out of the ordinary things. All this can be an important factor of emotional rapprochement.

    How to save a relationship in crisis: conclusions

    Today we have seen together some steps that you and your partner will have to take if you really intend to save your relationship. Overcoming crises is never easy, but if there are the best intentions, it is absolutely possible.

    However, there is one very important aspect that needs to be taken into consideration: il tempo. It has most likely taken you and your partner months (or maybe even years) to get to this moment of crisis.

    Therefore, don't pretend that things can go back to the way they were overnight. It is necessary to act with love and intelligence, but also having the patience that time can give you dimostrazione that you are doing it.

    Furthermore, even if we have already said this in the course of the guide, in order to save a relationship it is very important that it exists the intention and desire on the part of both. A partner alone, however busy he may be, will not be able to "restore" the relationship.

    And here we reconnect to the discourse of the communication: It is important to understand and know what is in the other person's mind (and heart). Only in this way can we find ourselves united in trying to improve the situation.

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