How to replace eggs in sweets and savory recipes

ALTERNATIVES TO EGGS IN SWEETS AND SAVORY RECIPES - I know seven vegan or you can't eat eggs due to intolerances or allergies, maybe you are looking for some ideas on how to replace them in the kitchen.

Le eggs are replaced quite easily with other ingredients, or they can simply be omitted, in numerous preparations that usually include them.

Here are some tips for replacing eggs in sweets and savory recipes.


How to replace eggs in desserts

Cakes, muffins and plumcakes. Try to prepare the classic grandmother's cake, muffins or a plum cake without eggs. You will quickly realize that the trick is to find the right proportion between flour and liquid part. If your dessert is completely vegetable, choose as main ingredients, in addition to the flour, almond milk or orange juice diluted with water for the liquid part and an organic, cold-pressed oil that does not alter the taste of the desserts.

To tie the dough you can choose different alternatives, such as 1 tablespoon for each egg to be replaced di XNUMX/XNUMX cup rice flour, corn starch or potato starch. Alternatively - but in this case expect a slight variation in taste - replace each egg by blending a piece of banana, of boiled pumpkin or avocado pulp, or with a slice of apple. A more laborious method is to create some flaxseed gel to replace eggs (one tablespoon for each egg). Finely chop a tablespoon of flax seed and pour them into a glass of water. Let it rest until a gelatinous mixture forms, which you will use to replace the eggs. You can also leave the flax seeds whole and then filter the resulting gel with a colander.

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Creams for filling and spoon desserts

To thicken your spoon desserts and your filling creams that you would like to prepare without eggs, add to the preparation, during cooking, a teaspoon or more, depending on the quantity of the mixture and the desired effect, of XNUMX/XNUMX cup rice flour, cornstarch o potato flour. Bring to a boil and stir, as in the preparation of a pudding. THU the recipe for veg custard.

Tarts and biscuits

In the preparation of the base for tart without eggs, the proportions between the ingredients change. You will have to try to create a balance between the ingredients of your recipes, increasing the liquid part, to obtain an easy to work dough similar to shortcrust pastry. It can be useful, in any case, replace each egg with a tablespoon of rice flour, corn starch or potato starch of your choice. A similar argument also applies to shortbread type biscuits. Make sure you get an elastic dough that is easy to roll out and cut out. You will find, by trying, that eggs are easy to replace and that you will no longer need them.

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This advice applies to both sweet crepes and crepes (or savory crepes). It involves combining the flour with the liquid part of your recipe (for example water or vegetable milk) in adequate quantities to form a batter of the same consistency as the mixture that you would prepare with eggs, therefore neither too liquid nor too thick. Cook your crepes in a hot non-stick pan. THU you will find many recipes.

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Ice cream is also very simple to prepare without eggs, following the proportions and choosing the most suitable ingredients. If you have an ice cream machine available, it will be very easy to get fruit sorbets that you can simply prepare adding water or vegetable milk, or creamy flavors with a few more little tricks. Without an ice cream maker, you can easily prepare banana ice cream by freezing ripe sliced ​​bananas and then blending them in the kitchen mixer.

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How to replace eggs in savory recipes

Fresh homemade pasta

Not all homemade fresh pasta recipes involve eggs. In some cases the eggs are absent, in others one or two eggs are indicated among the ingredients. But for the good result of the dough they are not essential. In fact, it will be enough for you add the water and flour to form a well-workable mixture and easy to roll out with a rolling pin or with a fresh pasta machine. To add a touch of color and extra taste if you want to add a pinch of turmeric or saffron.


Without eggs you won't be able to make a proper omelette, but you will get a very tasty alternative, one farifrittatathe stuffed chickpea porridge. You will prepare a batter of water and chickpea flour, to which you can add black pepper and spices, and then enrich everything with vegetable leaves, slices of zucchini and vegetables to taste.

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One of the typical preparations in which eggs are used is the sauce of pasta alla carbonara. If you are vegan, intolerant or allergic to eggs, the alternative is to prepare carbonara with vegetable cream, to be enriched, flavored and color a nice bright yellow with saffron, turmeric or curry.


If you want to make egg-free batter, you'll need to create a thick mixture with flour and liquid part of your recipe. For example, you can create a batter with chickpea flour, rice flour or common wheat flour. Form a thick mixture by adding cold water or sparkling water (some recipes suggest using beer). Beer and sparkling water allow you to get a batter that swells better. If you use vegetable milk or tap water, add a pinch of instant baking powder to the batter preparation.


Making crispy egg-free breading is very simple. Create a mixture that is not too liquid by combining water and flour (chickpea flour is fine too). Pass the foods to be breaded in the mixture and then, in a second step, in the breadcrumbs. To obtain a more consistent breading, you can make a third pass with the corn flour for instant polenta, or combine it in equal parts with breadcrumbs.

Savory pies

Some recipes involve brushing the surface of quiches, bread sticks or other similar preparations with egg white or egg yolk. Alternatively, you can use a littleextra virgin olive oil or vegetable milk. For the filling of quiches, you can replace the eggs, for example, with del spreadable tofu (or compact tofu to blend with a little water or soy milk) or with vegetable cream. If you want, add turmeric or saffron.


Eggs are not needed to prepare vegetable mayonnaise. They will be enough for you cold-pressed organic sunflower oil or extra virgin olive oil, unsweetened soy milk or almond milk, lemon juice, fine salt and if you want to enrich the preparation, a small amount of vinegar or mustard to adjust the taste. To prepare the egg-free mayonnaise, mix the ingredients with the hand blender as for the classic mayonnaise. THU recipe.

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We have reported the methods of replacing eggs with which we are best. You have other suggestions and useful tricks to replace them?

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