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    How to put order in your life

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    Do you want to put your life in order? Start with the bed!

    "Order is power".

    Henri Frederic Amien

    Author's Note: It is with great pleasure that I publish this brilliant article by Adamo Crespi.

    Adamo is a blogger and law student. He loves the Internet and has found in e-commerce the perfect synthesis between pleasure and work (future). At the moment it is deepening the relationship between new technologies and the Internet, especially as regards privacy and e-commerce.

    Adamo has an e-commerce blog where he writes informative articles for those who want to start and for those who already have an e-commerce site. Adamo also has his own “blog” on Amplify where he reports the most important articles of his read-list.

    I remember that until a few years ago I had a huge confusion in the head: I could not study, I could not do the important things, I was disheartened by every little unexpected event, I could not have a purpose in life, I could not set myself goals and then reach them.

    Slowly the turning point, I started questioning every single thing in my existence, every single person, every single action of mine. All.

    Today I started a blog, I started studying again, I am helping to found a start-up and slowly I am building my future with determination.

    In this post I want to explain to you exactly how I did it.

    Start with your bed

    Yeah, your bed. In reality this is only an intermediate step to reach the final goal: put your life in order.

    You cannot put your life in order if you don't first start putting order in the spaces you live in. Aren't those also part of your life?

    Ok, in your disorder there is order. When you look for something, you find it, even if it seems to others that you can't even find the desk. I know it. I've been telling this to myself for years!

    But one day I realized I had to resume the course of my existence. I couldn't find a job overnight, start a blog or resume studying. So I did the obvious thing: regain control over what I could, my spaces. And I regained control with a very simple action: I decided to put my room in order first.

    I looked at it and I was disheartened. Then I stopped and said “I have to tidy up. I don't care how difficult it is, how long it takes, how much energy I have to spend on it. My first goal is to put in order. " And the next question was the simplest I could ask myself (and that you will ask yourself in a few minutes): "Where do I start?"

    I started with the bed. I had never done this in my life before. Mum did it (mammone!).

    I looked at him, he looked at me, I attacked him and in three minutes it was in order, redone. Making the bed allowed me to start seeing something in order. And also to understand that in the end it is not as difficult as it may seem. It is not difficult to make the bed, it is not difficult even to tidy up, both in your room and in your life.

    Yes, but with life it's something else!
    Of course, and in fact it doesn't stop there!

    After I made the bed I saw a mountain of clothes thrown on a chair, the charger with the cord on the floor, empty water bottles (I'm lazy and I always have one in my room!), Socks scattered, loose change on the desk along with a mountain of papers and pieces of paper scattered in a disorder of notes taken and never sorted, plus a series of other objects and junk scattered around the room.

    But I had a free bed.

    Next step? I took all the clothes off the chair and threw them on the bed. Then I started folding them. Pants, t-shirts, shirts, sweaters. After just 10 minutes (it doesn't take long, believe me;)) they were all curled up on the bed. All that remained was to put them in the closet. And so I did. He hung up his shirts, hung up his pants, put his sweaters and T-shirts on the closet shelves.

    But the room was still a mess!

    I turn around and see the desk. Mom, what a mess! One thing at a time! Memories? This is the principle.

    I take the change and put one part in the piggy bank and one in the purse. I take the sheets and make a neat stack of them. I take off the glasses, put them back in the case and put everything in a drawer. Keys to car and moped ... where do I put them? I need a keychain to put on the wall. EVERYTHING MUST HAVE ITS PLACE! I take a sheet of paper and write "Things to do" and immediately below "Buy a wall keychain".

    The desk is now more or less in order, there are still the sheets to be rearranged.

    Oh, there on the ground is an empty bottle! Taken and thrown.
    Oh, there is the cell phone charger. taken, rolled up the thread and placed in a drawer.
    Oh, there are the dirty socks. Collect and throw yourself in a corner NEAR THE DOOR! As soon as I go over there I take them and put them in the dirt;) (I don't leave them there!).

    And so, after a couple of hours my room was nice and tidy.

    Only one last thing was missing. A nice swipe of the towel!

    I'm going over to get the broom but… I forgot my socks! I go back, take the socks, put them in the dirt. So I take the broom and sweep on the ground (here the joke was easy but I avoided it!). I fill the bucket, some detergent and a good wash on the ground!

    I can finally sit down. I took the first step in putting my life in order: I tidied up the room! I did it!

    And now?
    Well, the next steps depend a lot on you, on what you do, on what you are, where you want to go. In my case, my goal is to get a degree.

    So the next step was add a hint of clutter: I took the books of the exam I wanted to take and put them on the desk. Always in front of the eyes, I never take them off until I have done the exam. Then I immediately buy the ones from the next exam and put them back on the desk. And now I am less than a year and a half to graduate after two years practically stopped!

    What if you don't have the books yet? Go down to buy them and maybe you stop to get the key ring to hang on the wall. Your car keys don't have a place yet! You have to find it right away!

    But there is more: scattered questions

    But is your room always tidy now?

    No, it is not always in order. Immediately after taking an exam or reaching a goal comes my creative period. In this period I still do things in bulk. Let's say that "I mix the game". Ideas and goals are all there to swirl between clothes, coins and papers scattered on the desk (but I never reach the levels reached in the past!).

    But there is a fixed point: the bed made every morning and never more than two pants on the chair. Present the stop loss? In trading it indicates the point beyond which how things go the trader stops, won or lost stops. My stop loss is two pants, or two sweaters. Usually those of the day before and those of the day if I went out in a hurry and I didn't have time to put them away.

    In any case, there always comes a time when I put everything back in place and start over, a new cycle.

    Another rule is that at least once a week I put all the scattered junk in order. It helps me not only to keep in order but it gives me a way to stay with myself and my thoughts. Often during cleaning I get good ideas or excellent ideas;)

    But why did you describe to me how you tidy up your room?

    For two fundamental reasons:

    1. Because so you know that tidying up is not an alien thing;
    2. Because reading, you probably want to tidy up your room (or in any case the environment where you spend your time).

    I repeat: it may seem that in your disorder you can still find what you are looking for but the purpose of putting things in order is not to be able to find things but to have a comfortable environment in which to live, a healthy and healthy environment, where, that is, you can be able to concentrate and start analyzing what you have to do, how and when: and if everything around you is in disorder believe me, it is more difficult!

    Is this advice suitable for everyone?

    Boh! It worked for me! Yet I know people who still manage to do well at university or work despite being quite messy. But I notice one thing: they are always with their heads in the clouds and are quite careless. Okay, I don't want to generalize, it's my experience, as is my experience putting in order.

    Try it, if it doesn't work at least you have the chance to have fun throwing everything back around the room! But every now and then you tidy up: it helps me to distract me, to free my head, to be lost in thought.

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