How to purify and revitalize the body in three steps

How to purify and revitalize the body in three steps


There are people who are always bright. Dazzling smile and cover look. 

Others, on the other hand, have dull eyes more frequently, skin with a dull and uneven texture and always feel tired and listless.

Some are evergreen types, looking at least 5-10 years shorter, while others look tired and aged. How do you see yourself in the outward appearance? And what about your Vitality? How do you perceive your psycho-physical energy?

You want to find out how to purify and revitalize the body in depth to feel more energetic and improve your appearance?

We reveal to you a secret of beauty and well-being linked to the connective tissue: this is where our cells regenerate every night!

What is the Connective
3 steps to purify and revitalize the body
Test: should you cleanse the connective tissue?
Specific plant extracts for purification of the connective tissue
The 3 daily habits for a connective that shines


We discover a secret of beauty and vitality linked to the connective tissue: we learn to purify and remove toxins naturally.

What is the connective?

The connective is a tissue of fundamental importance in the body, because this is where your cells regenerate themselves every night. Its well-being is reflected in all our form and our psycho-physical energy.

It may happen that for various reasons the connective tissue is found to be intoxicated and therefore cannot do its job well: that of regenerating other tissues, nourishing and supporting them.
Here your skin appears dull, you always feel tired, your metabolism slows down, and as if that weren't enough water retention and premature aging are galloping towards you.

How to avoid its impact and regenerate your connective? It takes a little confidence, 3 steps and 5 minutes of your time: here's why.

According to some studies, the root cause of many ailments and ailments is linked to an accumulation of toxins and metabolic waste, at the connective level.

This state of accumulation of toxins is called "intoxication".

The causes? Stress and frenetic rhythms, too few hours of sleep, poor eating habits, poor hydration between meals, smoking, a sedentary lifestyle or, on the contrary, an excess of physical activity.

When one or more of these factors exceeds, toxins and metabolic wastes get trapped causing swelling and inflammation.

The inflammation in turn produces other toxins, triggering a vicious circle. 
The result? 

A tired and irritable body (you are always listless or your moon is often crooked). Low psycho-physical energy. Reduced ability to respond to stressful events. Furthermore, the inflammatory state is fertile ground for premature tissue aging. Yep, that's not very healthy!

The appearance of the skin becomes dull and uneven, the hair dull. Water retention is a direct consequence of the body's inability to remove toxins and excess fluids. And finally, especially in the fairer sex, cellulite also appears.

3 simple steps to purify and revitalize the body

1. Take the test to find out if your connective tissue also needs deep cleansing
2. When necessary, take specific plant extracts for connective tissue purification
3. Fight the causes of intoxication and bring 3 healthy and simple daily habits into your life.

Test: find out if your connective tissue also needs a deep cleansing

To understand if your connective tissue needs to be purified with specific plant extracts and a purifying diet, ask yourself and count, if and how many of these annoyances you recognize in this period:

  • Muscle and joint pains 
  • Slowed digestion 
  • Overweight
  • Dull skin, premature aging
  • Pimples, skin irritations, tendency to dermatitis
  • Drowsiness, Difficulty concentrating
  • Headache
  • Chronic fatigue, forgetfulness 
  • Bad mood and listlessness
  • Anxiety and irritability
  • Water Retention and Cellulite 
  • Fat hair
  • Decreased sexual desire

If you recognize yourself in at least three of these points, your connective tissue needs deep cleansing.

If you recognize yourself in more than three annoyances, we recommend taking the plant extracts we will talk about shortly for three consecutive months, repeating the cycle once or twice a year.

It is well understood that if the discomfort is not temporary and persists, as always, you must first consult your doctor!

Specific plant extracts for purification of the connective tissue

There is a particular synergy created between the plant extracts of Pilosella, Ash, Birch, Ortosiphon and Hibiscus Flowers, perfectly effective for purifying connective tissue, draining excess fluids and detoxifying your body.

You find these plants, in the form of titrated dry extracts (the most effective), in vegetable capsules and pharmaceutical dark glass bottles in Diuresan Enhanced Formula from Salugea.

This 100% natural supplement deeply cleanses your body, removing toxins and excess fluids.

The functional synergy of its active ingredients is designed specifically for the connective tissue: it regenerates and detoxifies in depth. And you find youth and lightness, in body and mind.

In fact, the toxin accumulation, in addition to weighing down and predisposing the body to inflammation, also affects your mood, your vitality, the quality of your rest and your ability to memorize and concentrate. Other great reasons to cleanse yourself regularly.

With Diuresan Enhanced Formula, that's enough two capsules a day (we recommend one mid-morning and one mid-afternoon, away from meals). Depending on your degree of intoxication (accumulation of toxins), you can take a cycle of intake from 1 to 3 months, 1 or 2 times a year.

Each bottle of Diuresan Enhanced Formula covers one month of treatment: you can buy it online on the Salugea website or order it at the pharmacy (it is a food supplement notified to the Ministry of Health).

The 3 daily habits for a connective that shines

Now that you've cleansed yourself, there are three things you can do to prevent toxin buildup and keep your connective tissue clean and efficient:

The water that eliminates water
Drink at least 1,5 or 2 liters of water a day, at room temperature, between meals. In this way it will be easier to support diuresis and remove toxins, metabolic waste and excess fluids.

Do you propose it again every time but then you forget it? Add a small alarm to your cell phone that rings or vibrates every 45 minutes to remind you to drink. It's easy. Like drinking a glass of water. And it is also extremely effective in combating cellulite and water retention.

The physical activity you have time to do
Not everyone likes to sweat in the gym or go for a run in all seasons. 

This is why we suggest an undemanding activity, but effective for your well-being and which requires only 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week: brisk walking.

These are just some of the many benefits of this activity:

> Promotes weight control, combined with proper nutrition
> Promotes a beautiful silhouette and supports psycho-physical well-being
> Has a positive effect on blood pressure
> Promotes a healthy balance of blood fats (cholesterol and triglycerides)
> Prevents hyperglycemia (excess blood sugar), and therefore also some forms of diabetes
> Protects and strengthens the cardio-circulatory system
> Relax the nervous system
> Keeps the musculoskeletal system in shape
> Contrasts anxieties and stress, promoting a good mood
> Contrasts cellular aging

Like any moderate physical activity practiced consistently, it promotes the elimination of toxins through sweating.

Try one scoop of Aloe vera per day
Last but not least, we recommend that you try the great effectiveness of the Aloe vera juice barbadensis Miller. 

It is obtained from the gel contained in the leaves of this plant, and has many beneficial properties for the body:

> Anti-inflammatory effect: it contains enzymes, organic acids and other elements that reduce the production of substances that cause inflammation of the tissues; this makes it ideal for stomach and intestinal ailments;
> Purifying properties: the enzymes present in the liquid food supplement obtained by cold pressing (pure juice) easily penetrate into the tissues, eliminating toxins and promoting tissue regeneration;
> Healing properties: Aloe Vera stimulates the cells of the connective tissue to produce collagen, promoting the healing of wounds and ulcerations;
> Immunostimulating properties: it contains substances capable of stimulating the production of white blood cells, our soldiers of the first line of defense of the immune system;
> Digestive and soothing properties: this function is made possible by complex sugars which, adhering to the digestive mucous membranes, form a sort of "blanket" that protects the entire gastric tract up to the intestine, then helping its transit and digestive function.

Not bad, right? In addition to helping to purify the organism in depth, the juice of Aloe Vera barbadensis Miller protects and strengthens the whole organism.

Choose a pure juice, not diluted in water or other juices, strictly preserved in dark glass.

Avoid plastic: many studies show that the plastics allowed for food use, even when certified, still show a certain release of plastic substances, especially when exposed to particular temperature conditions.

Abandon the use of plastic, in addition to a direct impact on our life, it also positively affects the great problem of pollution from the dispersion of plastics in the environment, which is assuming dramatic dimensions.

The Aloe Vera barbadensis Miller Salugea juice that we recommend is stored in dark glass, pharmaceutical grade and notified to the Ministry of Health. It is produced with cold pressing and flash pasteurization: advanced production techniques that make it possible to better preserve the precious active ingredients of this plant. One measuring cup a day is enough to try!

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