How to prepare seitan yourself… instantly

After the self-production of soy yogurt, vegetable milk, tofu, vegetable preserves, jam, tomato sauce, here is also that of seitan… But fast!

Nutritional values ​​of seitan?

Proteins 18%, fats 1,5%, carbohydrates 5,5%… If you want to make it yourself you can start from pure wheat flour (since the seitan is none other than the Wheat gluten i.e. the protein part of the flour) but I have the impression of wasting a lot of water, flour and time ... so when I happened to find some gluten in a small package with the words "instant-seitan" at the modest cost of just over 2 euro, I said to myself "why not try ?!" and .... I found that not only is it very quick to prepare , very simple and cheap but above all it is delicious and really versatile!

If in fact you want make the seitan yourself starting with flour, as I told you, you have to plan a few hours and a fair amount of water… instead of using it already separated gluten you can prepare yourself an excellent seitan quickly and in a very practical way!

I have prepared theroast seitan with potatoes, scallops with lemon, rolls, pizzaiola and last but not least VEGAN cutlet of course!

I do not follow the recipe to the letter, because I realized that to have a slightly tastier seitan it is better add to the gluten found in the form of a similar "powder" with chickpea flour, half water and half shoyu, mix everything well, then spread the seitan (to make slices) or make a single ball (to make roast) and cook it / s for 30 minutes in a pot with boiling water, shoyu and a small piece of kombu seaweed. The SEITAN thus obtained can be kept for several days in its cooking water.

Furthermore, over time I have understood that if you add herbs, herbs (rosemary, thyme, juniper, sage, black pepper, garlic, parsley, onion) breadcrumbs, pureed legumes (lentils, broad beans, beans ...) you can vary flavor and texture making the your tastiest and tastiest seitan!

My classic recipe for scallops with lemon?

First prepare yourself some thin slices of seitan then cold put in a pan of sunflower oil, 3 cloves of crushed garlic, a little grated lemon zest, the juice of half a lemon, some flour to give a fairly thick consistency to the "sauce" but not too much.

After mixing everything well without forming lumps, turn on the heat and slowly add some hot vegetable broth (so as not to stop cooking) and shoyu.

When the consistency of the sauce is fairly homogeneous, add the slices of seitan (I recommend making them very fine ... the finer they are the better!) And cook for about ten minutes over moderate heat until a very fine consistency is reached. dense then turn off the heat and add some parsley, preferably fresh ... enjoy your meal!

I assure you ... they are mouth-watering!

KIA - Carmela Giambrone

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