How to manage conflicts with humor

How to manage conflicts with humor

How to manage conflicts with humor

Last update: 14 September, 2022

Trying to play down is an effective strategy with which to deal with a conflict, without diminishing things. Managing conflicts by taking life with humor not only allows you to resolve discords, but also to strengthen bonds.

Several studies show that it is possible to overcome adversity if you can be happy. Conflict management is no exception, as humor plays a similar role when dealing with one.

In this way, many clashes can be avoided and disputes and disagreements resolved, since the good humor can help you say certain things that are otherwise difficult to express without offending someone. However, it is important to laugh with the other person, which is different from laughing at her.

When humor and play are used to reduce tension and anger, to solve problems and to see the situation in the right perspective, conflict can turn into an opportunity for greater connection and intimacy.

Humor is an effective tool for managing conflicts

Laughing is the best medicine: it relieves stress, improves mood, increases creativity and makes us more resistant. It's not only good for emotional and physical health, but it's also good for relationships with others. Laughter brings people together and creates intimacy. Laughing is a great way to manage conflict and reduce tension when your nerves are on edge.

In general, humor plays an important role in any relationship. In new ones it can prove to be an effective tool not only for attracting the other person, but also for overcoming the shyness or shame of first encounters. In already lasting relationships, however, with humor it is possible to keep them fresh and alive, as well as helping not to accumulate anger or tension deriving from issues that are not satisfactorily resolved.

Sharing the pleasure of humor creates a feeling of intimacy and connection between people, a quality typical of solid and serene relationships. By laughing with the other person, a positive bond is generated. This union allows to lessen the stress, disagreements, disappointments and problems that accumulate with the passage of time.

The power of humor in relationships

Conflict is inevitable in any relationship. However small it may appear in the beginning, any confrontation can become aggravated if we let ourselves be carried away by emotions or if we accumulate negative memories due to poor management of past conflicts.

When friction arises, humor and play can help clear things up and renew the connection. When used skillfully and respectfully, a little humor can turn conflict and tension into an opportunity to have fun together and generate intimacy. This also allows you to better manage the situation, express your opinion and formulate a solution without hurting the feelings of the other.

Although humor certainly cannot be considered a miracle cure for every conflict, it certainly can be an important tool to help overcome difficult times. that occasionally occur in all relationships. Humor cuts through that race for power into which a fight often turns, as it eliminates tensions instantly, which allows you to return to the dialogue, recovering the right perspective.

Laughter and shared play also help to free oneself from the rigidity of thought and behavior. This allows you to see the problem in a new way, perhaps finding a creative solution. Using humor frees us from inhibitions, allowing us to express what we really feel and letting our most genuine emotions surface.

How to use humor to mitigate and manage conflicts

To manage conflicts with humor, it is not enough to laugh at everyone, starting with oneself. Not all people have the same sense of humor or the ability to get into "joke mode" as quickly. It could also happen that your humor is not understood by everyone.

Below we present some factors to consider for this strategy to be effective:

1 - Make sure everyone is willing to joke and understand your humor

Making stinging, sarcastic comments or criticizing the other person for not being able to take a joke will create even more problems, even damaging the relationship. Humor can only help overcome conflict when both sides are playful and in tune with a similar sense of humor..

It is important to maintain a certain sensitivity towards the other person. When the jokes are one-sided instead of reciprocal, it only ends up damaging the trust and patience of the other. For this reason, humor must be equally entertaining and enjoyable for everyone involved in the situation.

2 - Don't use humor to hide other emotions

Humor helps keep us resistant to life's challenges. There are, however, some moments when it is not a good idea to use it, for example when it is used to hide or avoid other emotions that you do not prefer not to face. Laughter can mask feelings of pain, fear, anger and disappointment when the person wishes to avoid them or does not know how to express them.

While humor always gives us a chance to have fun, hiding the truth isn't nice at all. When humor and play are used to mask other emotions, it creates confusion and distrust in the relationship.

3 - Develop a smarter sense of humor

Some people find it easier than others to resort to humor, especially in tense situations. This makes it necessary to develop a sense of humor that is able to adapt to various circumstances. To this end, it is important to learn to understand the other person's signals, those that indicate an appreciation of your commitment to play down the issue, moreover with humor.

It is also important to use humor that is free of sarcasm, as this only aims to hurt the other person or employs means that may offend someone, although that is not the intention. It is much more effective to start laughing at yourself.

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