How to make soy yogurt at home

for homemade soy yogurt you must have one on hand starting starter, which for the first time will have to consist of a purchased jar of natural soy yogurt that contains gods live ferments. The starting soy yogurt, in the case of a 125 ml jar, must be mixed with a liter of soy milk purchased (preferably choosing it of organic origin) or prepared at home. With each of the following three procedures you will get about one liter of soy yogurt.

Both the milk than yogurt they will have to be a room temperature. To facilitate fermentation, the milk can be heated up to a temperature of 40 ° C before being transferred together with the yogurt into a bowl. Both ingredients must be mixed with the help of a whisk. At this point, depending on the tools at your disposal, you can decide to:


Use a yogurt maker

The advantage of using a yoghurt maker is that the temperature throughout the fermentation process for the formation of the yogurt remains constant. The use of a yoghurt maker guarantees a yoghurt success that is always guaranteed. The disadvantage is the electricity consumption. In any case, the cost of a yoghurt maker is low and varies from 15 to 25 euros. Who already owns it for the preparation of the traditional yogurt, you can also use it very well for soy yogurt. The instructions to follow depending on the machine at your disposal will be the same as those used for the cow's milk yogurt, after dividing the yogurt to which you have added the soy milk in the appropriate glass jars.

Use a large pot

If you don't have a available a yoghurt maker, you can solve the problem by replacing it with a large pot to be filled with boiling water. Inside it you will place gods glass jars that you have previously sterilized and that you will have closed well after having distributed the mixture of yogurt and soy milk. You will have to let the yogurt rest inside the pot, closed with its lid and wrapped with a scarf or a wool sweater for at least 12 hours before it is ready.

Use the oven

The method of pot it is especially effective in the summer season, when the temperature inside will never reach a high level of cooling. If this method does not give you good results during the winter, you can opt for the use of the oven. Transfer the consisting of soy milk and yogurt starting in a glass vessel or ceramic suitable for baking and preferably fitted with a lid. Heat your oven to a temperature of 40-45 ° C. So turn it off leaving only the light bulb on and insert the container, which you will leave to rest inside the oven for the whole night. In the morning you will find the your yogurt ready to taste. Then transfer it to glass jars to keep in the refrigerator.

- self-produced soy yogurt si they can be kept in the refrigerator for up to a week. It is important that you keep a jar aside each time so that you can repeat the process to prepare another liter of yogurt. If you forget it, just buy one new jar for next time. Homemade soy yogurt can be sweetened to taste and enriched with fresh or dried fruit, cereals or chocolate flakes, for an excellent and tasty breakfast.

The consistency of the yogurt prepared with the three methods indicated will be able to vary according to the brands of milk and yogurt used. Over time you will be able to identify your favorites.

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