How to make homemade muesli for breakfast

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«The muesli guarantees one balanced and complete breakfast because, compared to classic breakfast cereals, it includes all the nutrients (proteins, fats and carbohydrates) and is much more satiating ", says the doctor Valentina Viti, nutritionist biologist. «Also, preparing it at home allows you to check the ingredients. In fact, industrial products are not always balanced: they often contain hydrogenated vegetable oils and too many simple sugars such as fructose-glucose syrups, sucrose, honey and malts. And the risk of taking sugars in the morning, especially if simple and refined, risks induce an excessive glycemic response, with a consequent feeling of premature hunger already after a few hours ».

What do you need

√ 100 g of oat flakes

√ 100 g of puffed millet

√ 100 g of dried grapes

√ 100 g of chopped walnuts

How to prepare it

Just mix and combine the ingredients (preferably of organic origin), in one airtight glass jar, where they keep for about 3 months.

You can replace oats and millet with other puffed cereals (rice, spelled, buckwheat, barley) and raisins with apricots, plums, dates or Goji berries.

For a more delicious result you can also add cocoa powder or flaked chocolate, cinnamon, dried coconut, chopped hazelnuts. If, on the other hand, you want a low-calorie and energetic muesli, go foruse of dried fruit, because it is more satiating than fresh dried (like raisins).


↘ For the "granola" variant, more crunchy, add 40 g of honey, a drizzle of oil and a drizzle of water, mix, toast in the oven at 160 ° C for 20 minutes and leave to cool.

↘ Be careful, though: in granola the ingredients are combined with sugars and oils increase vegetable fats and carbohydrates already present in cereals and dried fruit.

↘ Granola is great too in smoothies, in vegetable milk and, for a snack, on ice cream or fresh fruit cut into pieces.

↘ Those who want to experiment can enrich and garnish a cold first course or salad that accompanies white meats with a handful of muesli.

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