How to make him fall in love with me again: advanced techniques and tips

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You may already know this, but the only way to win a man back is to make him fall in love with you again, just like when your relationship was in its infancy and everything was going well between you.

If you're wondering "How do I make my boyfriend / husband fall in love with me again?" you have come to the right place, as in this article I will reveal the most powerful techniques to not only recreate attraction towards your ex, but also to make him fall in love again.

Right now you may find yourself in two distinct and very different situations:

  • Your ex has already left you, you are no longer together. You want to know how to win him back.
  • Your husband or partner told you that he no longer feels the same feelings as before, and you feel it is about to leave you. Maybe he already has a mistress. You want to know how to make him fall in love with you again to overcome this relationship crisis.

Don't worry, as we'll cover both cases in the next few paragraphs. But first of all I want to invite you to take a simple online test to check your real chances of winning back.

It only takes two minutes to complete - you'll need to answer 15 simple questions about your relationship with the ex, and you will instantly get a result expressed as a percentage.

How to make him fall in love again: 5 tips

Done the test?

Great, now we're ready to see how to make him fall in love with you again. If you follow the 5 tips I am about to give you it is very likely that you will be able to reach your goal.

1. give him your absence

If at this stage the man you love is not reciprocating your feelings, the most serious mistake you can make is to stand on him and press him.

I know that it comes naturally to you to insist, to try to "make him think", to beg him or to show him in all possible ways how important this relationship is to you. The truth, however, is that the more you try to keep your man by your side, the more he will feel the need to get away and never come back ...

The wisest move then, as evidenced by various scientific studies carried out on couple crises, is to step aside momentarily and give your partner your absence.

This means that if he has left you you should undertake the so-called period of no contact, in order to have time to recover the lost lucidity and at the same time to make him miss you.

Even if you haven't broken up yet, but he told you he doesn't love you anymore, you should follow the same strategy: go along with his decision to take a break or break up; then make him feel your absence.

2. Shine again

Now you have to dedicate yourself only to yourself, to regain your independence and to overcome the most intense phase of pain.

Maybe right now you feel like only your ex could give you the cure for the evil you carry inside, but that's actually not the case. There are tons of things you can do to get back to feeling better after a breakup. It will take some time and effort, but the results will be amazing.

Even when you are in a relationship it is essential to cultivate your autonomy, avoiding entrusting your happiness entirely to your partner. This becomes even more valid when you break up and are trying to win back your ex or perhaps forget him.

Here's what you could concretely do to regain your independence and shine again:

  • return to cultivate the relationship with your friends;
  • go out and enjoy;
  • resume your hobbies that you had recently neglected;
  • sign up for a course (salsa, theater, yoga ...) and meet new people;
  • do something new, which you have never done in your life;
  • take a trip alone or with your friends;
  • have a nice time with your family.

3. fallo ingelosire

Making your ex jealous is also a really effective technique to get them to spontaneously return to you.

He has never questioned that he has great power over you. He left you thinking that, most likely, if in the future he changes his mind and misses you, it could easily take you back.

In short, he thinks that in any case you would always be ready to welcome his return with open arms, and this certainty does not allow him to miss you or to realize what he is losing now that you are no longer together.

Jealousy, when used with caution, can be a very powerful weapon in making him fall in love with you again. But be careful! There are many cases where making your ex jealous might be more harmful than beneficial. Use it only in the ways that I explain in The Reconquest Code.

4. get closer together at the right time

After allowing enough time to pass and making your life more interesting, you can gradually reconnect with your ex in the ways I explain in this article.

It is essential that you are not rushed, as a false step at this stage could put you in a position to be rejected again by your man and be forced to start all over from scratch.

If he hasn't contacted you before, be the one to get back in touch, but find a specific excuse to do so.

Take the free test and find out your real chances of winning back thanks to our advanced algorithm.

5. send him powerful stimuli

Once you get back in touch comes the most important part of the whole process, as you will have to start stimulate him from an emotional point of view.

You can do this by texting, calling, a letter, casual meeting or actual dating, depending on the situation you are currently in.

The fact remains that emotions are the only way that will allow you to win back your ex boyfriend or husband, and rebuild a fulfilling and lasting relationship with him.

The powerful psychological and emotional levers I teach in the manual will allow you to make your ex fall in love again, and rebuild with him a powerful spiritual connection, fundamental basis for maximizing the happiness of two people who choose to be together.

I guarantee you that your man will not be able to resist you and will fall back into your arms sooner than you can imagine ?

If you were wondering how to make him fall in love with you again, I'm sure now you at least know what the next step is.

Thanks for reading this through, and good luck in your relationship!

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