How to lose weight at night with slimming creams

    How to lose weight at night with slimming creams

    Who would not like to wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and discover one silhouette more toned, defined, reshaped? A dream that can be achieved especially with one healthy and balanced diet, with lots of movement, but also with the help of slimming creams and anti cellulite that act while you sleep.

    «They are products formulated with active ingredients that support and stimulate the circadian rhythms of skin, which regenerates at night and becomes more receptive to cosmetic treatments, and those of the body, which during sleep synthesizes some hormones involved in various capacities in the disposal of fats and in the control of weight», Explains Umberto Borellini, cosmetologist.

    Sleep helps burn fat

    Just at night, for example, the body secretes the GH (growth hormone, the growth hormone), which favors the disposal of adipose deposits and which supports the synthesis of proteins, which in turn guarantee the tone of the epidermis.

    «Especially in the REM phase, that of dreams, the testosterone, the hormone that favors the production of neocollagen and elastin, the "structures" of the tissues, and that keeps the muscles.

    Sleep, therefore, is a very propitious time to supply the skin with substances that support these processes, such as the lipolytic ones of caffeine, guarana and kola nut, and toning and regenerating ingredients, such as brewer's yeast extract, which especially at night increases the levels of ATP, a molecule that stimulates the metabolism of epidermal cells », continues cosmetologist Borellini. 

    The beauty routine is easier 

    Taking advantage of the night hours is also an excellent solution to keep constant the beauty routine speed, to guarantee its effectiveness especially if, as often happens, you have little time available in the morning.

    “It is also an optimal option for those who are still exposing themselves to late summer sun e in the morning cannot apply products with active ingredients often present in slimming agents, such as capsicum resin oil or methyl nicotinate, which can stain the skin and trigger photo-irritation », concludes Borellini.

    The effectiveness of slimming night creams was also proven by a study conducted by the San Gallicano Dermatological Institute in Rome and by the dermatology department of theUniversity of Pavia.

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