How to get the attention of the person we like

How to get the attention of the person we like

How to get the attention of the person we like

Last update: July 02, 2015

It often happens that both men and women behave very distinctly than how they really are, and all to win what they suppose to be their better half. They reshape aspects of themselves according to the tastes and personality of the other, to satisfy him completely and show him that they have a lot in common. Nonetheless, on many occasions they fail loudly and then wonder what they have done wrong.

Are you in this situation? Don't worry, in the next few lines you will find the tips that will help you, if nothing else, to capture attention about that boy or girl you care so much about.

Be direct

Many people ask themselves: "What do I do to get his attention?" You don't have to do anything out of the ordinary to grab the attention of the person we like so much. We normally idealize these people and see them as unreachable, but basically they are the same as all of us. Why don't you dare, therefore, a simple and straightforward "He how are you?" Once you have done this, you will realize that it is nothing transcendental and it will also help you for future occasions.

Stand out from others

After introducing yourselves and breaking the ice with this first contact, the hardest part comes, that is to call his attention and keep it alive for a certain period of time. A good way to do this is to use a fun or original conversation; if you succeed, you will already be halfway there because that person feel comfortable with you. From then on, you can have other interesting conversations on any topic.

Make yourself desired

It is normal that, when we like someone, we try to talk and be with them as long as possible for us to feel good in his company. However, if the interest is not 100% mutual, the other may begin to get bored of us and feel choked (reasonably). This is why it is important, as far as possible, that you try to make you interesting; so you will get the boy or girl to miss you.

Be yourself

After all these tips, there is nothing left to do but let it all flow in a spontaneous and natural way, so it will be much easier to get to know each other and with time, who knows, you can become something more. In other words, you have to show yourself as you really are (even if a little malice doesn't hurt at the beginning) so that the other gets to know you completely, without any mask or veil hide your personality.

Despite all these tips, haven't you made it yet? No problem! If you really haven't been able to conquer the boy or girl you are interested in, it means that you are not made for each other ... But don't forget that the sea is full of fish!

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