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    How to forget an ex girlfriend: 6 steps required

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    You stai chiedendo how to forget an ex who left you, or how to forget a girl that you are in love with but who does not want to be with you?

    If you are asking yourself these questions I know how you feel ... a love story that ends, or the disappointment of unrequited love, are two of the greatest pains that can be faced in life.

    To forget a person and go on with your life without him seems like an impossible undertaking, especially if the importance he had assumed for us was very great. I say this because I have experienced it on my skin, and not once ...

    In this article I want to explain to you how to forget a girl, dry your tears and start your life again. In particular, I have identified 6 key steps, which if followed scrupulously will help you overcome the pain in the shortest possible time.

    We are almost ready to start, but first I want to ask you a question ...

    Why do you want to forget the ex? Maybe you think you have no more hope of reconquest?

    You're about to find out how to do it ...

    How to forget an ex

    We are finally ready to analyze the steps required to forget the ex. Hold on tight.

    1. Accept the end of your story

    The first step in forgetting an ex is to accept the end of your relationship.

    When you find that getting her back is not possible or that it is not the right thing to do, you need to fully accept the idea that you two are you will never be together again.

    It's about making a voluntary decision, not reacting to the fact that she left you: you have to decide it's over. You are a man and you can do it: you choose to go forward with determination, without analyzing his behavior anymore. Untie yourself completely from her and go your own way!

    What you are going through is a big change, which can be positive or negative depending on the attitude you take from now on. You are master of your life. Don't be afraid of the unknown.

    The rupture of a balance that had formed is always frightening, but most of the time it represents an opportunity to grow, and to later find an even more mature and happy balance. Word of those who have already been there!

    Take the test below to find out how you are coping with disappointment in love:

    2. Process the pain

    At this point it is right that you give yourself some time to mourn the loss, feel the emptiness it left in your life and live the pain to the fullest.

    As I explain in my book, it is indeed necessary to accept the negative thoughts and emotions that appear within us, rather than trying to escape from them. By keeping busy or trying to distract ourselves from the pain at all costs, we would be left with a deep psychological wound still open and bleeding.

    Instead, we must devote ourselves to pain and learn to listen to it and heal it, to disinfect the wound, to make sure that it heals little by little and no longer leaves negative aftermath in our psyche and in our heart. This is the only way to stop suffering for love and forget a girl we love.

    Remember that the greater the pain, the greater the lesson and growth opportunity you can draw from it.

    3. Carry out a cleaning

    You can't hope to forget an ex girlfriend if your entire environment reminds you of her presence. Photos, gifts, souvenirs, objects belonging to the other person ... all these things they must disappear from your sight. Put them in a box and mail them to him, or take them out of your room.

    Cell phones also have a devastating impact on your mood. I am convinced that more than once a day you check his social pages in search of his news and movements, or re-read your old conversations on WhatsApp in the throes of nostalgia and sadness.

    You absolutely have to stop doing it...

    Hide, delete or block it from all social networks and your address book. Delete old messages, or at least archive them to no longer have direct access to them. It is not an easy step to take but you will be glad you did.

    It seems superfluous to me to say it, but I will say it anyway: you must not see it or hear it, never again.

    4. Start a path of growth

    After being left or rejected, you will feel like never before a motivation to get involved and to improve yourself and your life. You are a man, you have balls, and for this you will feel a great need to prove to yourself, and indirectly also to the person who hurt you, that you can be worth much more than you seem to be worth right now.

    You can get up, and make your life a masterpiece. This is why I tell you that the present moment is a great resource for you.

    If you know how to channel your newfound energy and motivation towards something concrete personal growth path and improvement, you will see enormous results in your life, in a very short time.

    You don't know how many people I've seen make changes right after they were left; making what could be seen as a disgrace, the turning point of their life.

    5. Try new experiences

    How to forget a girl?

    Try new things and meet new people!

    Use this time to do things that you probably overlooked in the last period, such as exploring the world around you, or throwing yourself headlong into your passions and interests.

    Anything goes well: sign up for a dance or photography class, study a new language, join the gym, go on a trip alone or with friends.

    You'll see that you will feel much better, and you will soon be able to fill that void she has left inside you, especially if you also meet new groups of interesting people who will enrich your life.

    6. Date other women

    The next and final step, which will allow you to forget your ex very quickly, is to start dating other members of the opposite sex.

    Surrounding yourself with other women will allow you to feel that sense of abundance you need to overshadow the memory of your ex. It will also help you regain self-confidence, which you may have partly lost after your last relationship ended.

    But be careful… I'm not advising you to jump into a new relationship right away.

    You're not ready for another romance at this stage - your feelings are hugely variable, and besides you have not fully recovered your independence.

    By engaging too quickly, you may end up deluding the new girl, or worse still limiting your ability to tackle the obstacles life puts in front of you on your own.

    My advice is to dating several women without starting an exclusive relationship with any of them. You will only be able to get engaged again when you are back to feeling good about yourself even when single.

    If you want to improve your seduction skills, I have good news for you.

    Knowing how to deal with girls is not the prerogative of the lucky few who seem born with this gift. Instead, it is a skill that, like everything in life, can very well be learned through study and practice.

    Special cases

    Let us now examine some particular situations. If you find yourself in one of these cases, keep in mind what you have read so far, and integrate it with the considerations I am about to make.

    After a year I can't forget it

    Even after a year it is normal to keep thinking about an ex girlfriend. It is still a person in whom you have invested a lot of your mental and emotional energy, your attention and your time. All this will not suddenly disappear into thin air, and you will not be able to destroy the thoughts directed towards her.

    However, if you are still sick by the end of your story, and she represents your first thought when you wake up and your last thought before going to sleep, you have probably committed. one of these errors:

    • You kept hearing her after the breakup, perhaps even seeing her again occasionally, and didn't have the strength to distance yourself clearly for a while.
    • You haven't focused enough on making progress and bringing new stimuli into your life.

    In this case my advice is to start from scratch with the right attitude. Pretend your story ended yesterday, reread the article all over again, and start your journey 😉

    How to forget an ex who cheated on you or made you suffer

    How to forget an ex who made you suffer?

    Forgive her.

    Forgive her for what she did and forgive yourself for not making yourself respected. Now it's over. You have to drop all the weights that keep you stuck on the ground and start with your life. This will be possible once you sincerely forgive your ex for what she did to you.

    You can write her one last letter when you are ready, or tell her when you meet her by chance: “I forgive you for what you did, I no longer hold any grudges against you”.

    You don't even need to talk to her about it, as the key step is to acknowledge with yourself that you have forgiven her.

    How to forget a girl you see every day

    If you see her every day, my suggestion is to change your tour, in order to avoid contact with her as much as possible. It is very difficult to forget a girl when you see her every dayWe could compare it to trying to heal a wound by teasing it every day, even before the scab has formed.

    Start dating new people, change your social circle, change jobs, and avoid like the plague all the hangouts where you might meet her.

    How to forget a girl who doesn't reciprocate

    Sometimes I am asked "how to forget a girl who does not reciprocate?", Or "how to forget a girlfriend?".

    I assure you that the procedure is the same as we have seen so far: you must stop all the attention you are giving to this person, because he doesn't deserve them, and begin to direct them to a new girl, who reciprocates your interest and your feelings more.

    Continuing to obsess over someone who doesn't even calculate you can be extremely damaging to your self-esteem. The sooner you distance yourself from it, the sooner you will be able to feel better ...

    Thank you for reading this article of mine on how to forget an ex girlfriend. Hope it was useful to you!

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