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    How to forget a narcissist: psychology and 5 effective tips

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    Do you want to know how to forget a narcissist? Are you looking for a way to forget about a pathological narcissist and move on with your life? You have come to the right place!

    Having a relationship with someone with pathological narcissism can have major repercussions in your life. A lot of women come out of it completely destroyed, both in the mind and in the feelings.

    However, many people, while aware of this risk, they cannot do without their narcissus and even having managed, in one way or another, to break off relations, they do not have the strength to go on.

    But why is it so difficult to forget a narcissist? Is there any way to break free from such condemnation? By continuing to read the article, you will discover the answers to these questions. Just let me anticipate that yes, it is possible to get out of this prison once and for all and take back your place in the world!

    Nonetheless, before moving on, I recommend that you take a few more minutes and answer the questions of the online test that you find below. It will allow you to understand how you are coping with disappointment in love and will provide you with interesting ideas to follow.

    Forget a Narcissist: Why Is It So Difficult?

    If you want to know how to forget a narcissist, the first step is to go to the root of the problem and understanding why getting out of your mind a person who has only hurt you is so difficult.

    Before you open your mouth I want to say that there is nothing wrong with you: you are not stupid or what. This situation, which is not being able to forget the narcissist, is alone one of many effects of its many machinations.

    The narcissus he knows how to treat his victim and is able to create a real emotional dependence within her: she knows how to give the moon, but above all she knows how to remove it.

    By doing so, it makes us live, indeed made you live, on a real emotional roller coaster, where he showed you that if he wants he can make you happy, and then let you fall into a chasm of indifference and contempt.

    While you, tied to these crumbs of ephemeral happiness, do everything to get them again, sacrificing everything you have to scarify.

    Consequently, getting it out of your mind will be a real one detoxification process, as is done with drugs, or better still with a dangerous and deadly poison.

    But not only that: you will also have to start a process of re-evaluating your person, putting all the pieces together, reborn to a new life, more beautiful and stronger than before.

    So, don't expect to succeed overnight. On the contrary, the process will be long. However, if you are here reading, it means that you have a clear idea and recognizing a problem is half the solution.

    How to forget a narcissistic man: practical advice

    As promised in the introduction, we also see what behaviors you will have to adopt to get out of that prison and forget about your ex-narcissist, be it also pathological or worse still, perverse.

    1. Stop all relationships

    If your goal is to forget a narcissistic man, the first step will be stop all relationships you have with him. No matter what he may tell you to force you not to, you will have to lock yourself up against him.

    Stop hanging out in places where you know you can meet him. In case you have friends in common, change company for a while. In case they get offended, explain the situation to them. You have nothing to be ashamed of.

    If, on the other hand, the narcissist were to be a co-worker, limit your relationships to what is strictly necessary and don't give in for no reason in the world to his provocations: they are just a lure to start tricking your mind once again.

    In case the daffodil were to be your husband, consider returning to your parents or a trusted friend or friend for a while. Also, remember that there are public institutions able to help people who are in your situation, and in a completely free way.

    2. Block all his social contacts

    The second step, to get the narcissus out of your head and your life forever, is to block it on all social networks. From Facebook to Instagram and even WhatsApp. It must disappear from all your boards forever.

    This will allow you to get it out of your daily life as well, as you will be exempt from seeing his posts, which you can swear to us, will be partly aimed at denigrating you or trying to flatter you with the intent of making you retrace your steps.

    If there is a need between you to maintain contact, for example for work reasons, a child or an ongoing separation, leaves open only the exchange of text messages and phone calls. In any case, limit the communication to what is strictly necessary and if possible leave everything to your lawyer, who also pays for it.

    3. Heal your wounds

    Another important step that will lead you to forget about a former narcissist is to initiate a process of recovery of your person. At the end of what was a full-fledged toxic relationship, you feel broken, but you don't have to be ashamed.

    So, heal all your wounds, those of the mind, also contacting a specialist, those of the soul, surrounding yourself only with things that make you feel good, and those of the body (yes, sometimes this also happens, unfortunately) with all the necessary care.

    Return to give importance to your body and your person. The marks you carry within you may leave scars, but you mustn't give them too much weight: they are nothing more than medals of a battle from which you came out alive and victorious.

    4. Restart your life

    Without knowing your history, I am sure that during the time you spent with your ex-narcissist, you threw everything into the background and you focused only on him, leaving out work, passions and affections.

    After all, this is how narcissists operate: they find a prey, they rob her of everything they have of beauty and goodness and then leave her. However, you have understood the game. So, you have already committed yourself to a path of rebirth, where you are determined to forget it and then throw it in the trash of memories.

    Take back everything that was yours: your job, your hobbies, your family and your friends. It doesn't matter how much time you think you've wasted. It doesn't matter now. The magic that once moved you is still within you; you have nothing to do but leave it free to move and act.

    It may seem difficult at first, but one step at a time you will return to being the woman you once were: beautiful, strong and fearless of anything.

    5. Find new stimuli

    However, if you really want to succeed in forgetting a narcissist, you have to go even further. Getting back on your feet and starting again may not be enough to get you out of this dangerous emotional stalemate. So, you have to get busy.

    She looks for new stimuli, she begins to follow a passion that she has never had the opportunity to cultivate, perhaps precisely because she is engaged in a toxic relationship. It doesn't matter what kind: it doesn't have to be climbing Mount Everest or Bungee Jumping, the important thing is that it is something new, maybe even participate in the book club or a film club.

    Maybe, you can also decide to go on a trip you've always wanted and never been able to do, or to restart your studies or change jobs. In short, whatever it is, the important thing is that you bring renewal and emotions into your life.

    Finally, remember that the narcissist can really be a difficult parasite to get rid of. Maybe, seeing you reborn, he might try to get under again, with the intent of regaining his role in your life. For this reason, I advise you to read "The Antidote To The Narcissist", the best text available on the market on how to defend yourself from the narcissist.

    Forget a narcissist and start over: conclusions

    We have come to the last part of this article. We have seen how difficult it is to start the process it will lead you to forget about your ex-narcissist, but also what to do to achieve this desired goal.

    You will be followed step by step along a wonderful path of personal growth, which will help you to overcome the disappointment of love, find yourself and go straight to happiness. Additionally, you will learn to remove all power from the influence the narcissist has on your life and put yourself back at the center of your universe.

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