How to forget a finished love and move on in 6 steps

How to forget a finished love and move on in 6 steps

You stai chiedendo how to forget a love, after an important relationship that for some reason has come to an end leaving you sad and grief?

Life often confronts us with really tough challenges to face, and for sure the end of a love is one of the most demanding ever. The memory of the ex-partner causes us a great suffering of love, and we have the impression that nothing and nobody can really help us.

I also found myself in the same situation as you, so in this article I want to share with you some very important tips based on psychology, and explain to you how do you forget a love and get on with your life.

How to forget a love in 6 steps

Let one thing be clear right from the start: it is impossible to erase a person from your mind and heart overnight, especially if your love story has been long and intense. However thanks to this article you will know what are the tracks to follow to make the process much faster and easier.

Let's see now how to forget a love in 6 basic steps!

Close contacts with the ex

Studies have shown that the end of a relationship activates the same mechanisms in our brain that are activated when we are in withdrawal from hard drugs.

In a nutshell, you too are in a withdrawal crisis, and since you cannot have your dose, or the possibility of being together with your ex and receiving his love, you are in a situation of severe pain and mental suffering and also physics.

The addict tries in every possible way to get some heroin, and so does the person suffering from love. he desperately seeks the attention of his partner.

However, it is highly wrong to feed one's addiction towards a person who for some reason does not want or can no longer be part of our life. It would only lead to slow self-destruction.

The solution instead is to perform an act of courage, e permanently close the contacts with ex partner. As much as it can hurt you, know that it is the only way to forget a love and recover the lost clarity and serenity.

Understand why it didn't work

Having a clear awareness of the reasons why a relationship has not worked is of paramount importance to stimulate our ability to move forward, and also to make sure that the breakup is an opportunity for reflection and personal growth.

Ask yourself what was wrong with you two, assuming your responsibilities, but without overly blaming yourself or your partner.

Take on a constructive analysis, bearing in mind that the reasons for the breakup are often simpler than they seem. You just have to identify them, and accept them.

By the way, if you still think that there is room for recovery between you, or in any case you would like to make an attempt to win back your ex or your ex, I suggest you take an online test that will calculate your real chances of winning back.

It only takes two minutes to complete: you will have to answer 15 simple questions about your relationship with your ex partner, and you will instantly get a result expressed as a percentage. Find it here.

Eliminate hope

When a relationship ends, we sometimes cling to the hope of a reconciliation to cope with the fear and insecurity of being left alone.

Continuing to hope that your loved one will sooner or later return, once their feelings or external conditions have changed, certainly gives us relief, but at the same time it does not allow us to to fully experience the loss.

Staying attached to hope is like continuing to postpone the time to face the pain in all its depth, which is also the first and necessary step towards healing.

So here's an important rule to follow for forget a love: Eliminate any form of hope that your relationship will have a second chance. Fully accept the fact that it's over between you, and that now it's just you with your pain

Process the pain

At this point it is right that you give yourself some time to mourn the loss, feel the emptiness it left in your life and live the pain to the fullest. Rather than escape from pain by throwing yourself on other activities, in a first phase I recommend that you face it and focus on it, through the exercise of "meditation on pain" and all the other techniques

By dedicating the right time to grief and exploring negative emotions, you will be able to process them and bring them to fruition, returning to feel better faster.

After this period, gradually begin to go out and to restart with your life, without letting the pain completely affect your days. When you are with friends or girlfriends, don't talk about your ex partner. When you go out and your ex comes to mind, put it off and try to enjoy the present moment. In the evening, you can still carve out an hour or two for your date with the pain and memory of your ex.

If you follow this process right, you will see that within a few months you will no longer need to think about the person you love at all, as the pain will have done. its natural course, and you will be completely healed or healed.

Remember that the greater the pain, the greater the lesson and growth opportunity you can draw from it.

Recover your independence

Being alone after living a long time with a person, it is normal to feel confused and ask oneself things like “what is the meaning of my life now?”, Or “who am I without him / her?”.

This is precisely why you need to start find your identity: You were there before you met your ex, and you will always be there, regardless of whether he or she is with you or not.

As discovered by this scientific research, quickly regaining an individual dimension after the end of a relationship, allows you to regain psychological well-being much more quickly.

Here is what you could concretely do to find your identity:

  • return to cultivate the relationship with your friends;
  • go out and enjoy;
  • resume your hobbies that you had recently neglected;
  • sign up for a course (salsa, theater, yoga ...) and meet new people;
  • do something new, which you have never done in your life;
  • take a trip alone or with your friends;
  • have a nice time with your family.

Go out with other people

Starting a new relationship will be the final step, which will allow you to move on forever and permanently forget the person you were in love with or in love with before.

This however is a delicate step, which will only have to happen after you have completed all the previous ones, as engaging in a new relationship too early could be one of the most wrong choices ever for your happiness and your ability to love. You would end up facing a new disappointment, and it would cause a lot of pain in both you and the new partner.

So what is the right time to start a new relationship after a love disappointment?

The answer may seem counter-intuitive: when you feel that you can do without it because now it feels good even alone.

In the phase where you still suffer and miss your ex, it's wrong to jump into a new serious relationship, but it can be very helpful to start dating new people of the opposite sex without any particular expectations or promises.

Dating other people will go a long way in helping you regain your self-esteem, find support elsewhere, and remove your ex-partner from the center of your life.

Special cases

Let's see together some particular cases in which you might find yourself, and let's try to solve the remaining doubts that you may still have ...

How to forget an impossible love

If you are wondering how to forget an impossible love, I want to make you reflect on one thing ...

In the course of our life we ​​are destined to meet many important people, some of whom will remain, while others will inexorably leave.

Very often the role of a person who leaves, who makes us suffer, who is not suitable for us, with whom we fall in love but with whom for some reason we cannot be together, is precisely that of prepare to receive the right person, the one that will be destined to remain.

If you've just experienced an impossible love, know that there is someone better out there for you, more suited to your characteristics, who will know how to love and respect you in a much more complete way.

You just have to trust and look forward. The fact that you have recognized that this is an impossible love will allow you to rationalize and move forward more quickly.

How to forget unrequited love

There is another important case to analyze: how to forget unrequited love?

You love someone deeply and you are sure that they are the right person for you, but she doesn't really want to know about being with you, because she prefers you to remain friends, or she just doesn't calculate you ...

This is frustrating, right?

Situations like this can go on for months, or even years, without leading to no result. The only effects they cause are the progressive lowering of your self-esteem, and the inability to find and live another fulfilling relationship with serenity.

What you need to do to get out of the current stalemate is permanently close contacts with that person, avoiding maintaining an unlikely friendship with her.

If at the same time you start working to increase your self-esteem and to make your life more full and interesting, I assure you that very soon you will be surrounded by many other potential partners who are really interesting and interested in having a relationship with you.

How long to forget a love?

If you are having a hard time getting over the breakup of your relationship, or forgetting the person you love without being loved in return, keep in mind that each day your complete recovery is closer.

You may not feel any better today than a week ago, but I promise you that in a month or two you will look back and find that each day you have spent a little less time thinking about your loved one, and sooner than you can imagine. you'll find yourself in one totally neutral emotional state in his regards.

Here how to forget a love. With time, patience and the right mental attitude.

Thank you for reading the article all the way through, and I wish you good luck with everything !.

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