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Useful food for thought to find one's way in life.

"The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to savor every event with intensity, to appreciate the newest and richest experiences with enthusiasm and without fear."

Eleanor Roosvelt.

Azz Andrè ... in a bit presumptuous this article, don't you think ?! Basically you have already understood everything about life and can you explain it to me in 500 words or so ?! I really don't want to lose this ...

Find it purpose of one's life it can be a tortuous path made up of hundreds of dead ends, disappointments, bitter awareness and failures; however it is a path that is always worth following to the end, whatever the cost.

As for me, I am still frantically searching my way, but since I started the journey, I think I understand a couple of things which I'd like to share with you in this article:

Find the constants in your life

We often think that there are so many possibilities in life, that our purpose, since we have not yet found it, must necessarily be something we haven't thought about yet. Something so far from our present life that the idea of ​​having to find it demotivates us.

Still, there are passions, interests o topics that have been part of our life since we were children: I like to define them as the constants of our life.

They can be a hobby, a topic of study, a sport; they are those passions for which we always find time and which we would do as our work even for free.

So I propose this little experiment:

  • Make a list of the constants in your life. Don't think about it too much - do it instinctively. If in doubt whether or not to put something on your list, leave it out! In fact, sometimes we believe that in life we ​​should do what others expect of us; we believe it to such an extent that we are convinced that this is the purpose of our life: but in reality these are false constants and by writing our list we find them immediately thanks to imperceptible hesitations.
  • Order your list. Not all constants are born "equal". Some passions differ from others and enter our life with greater arrogance: these passions should occupy the very first places in our personal ranking, because it is these passions that give shape and direction to our life. Now that you've sorted your list, circle the first 3-5 constants of your life.

Find a connection between the constants in your life

I am increasingly convinced that it is appropriate to change the sentence:

Finding the purpose of your life.


Listen to the purpose of your life.

As surprising as it may seem, in reality the pieces of the puzzle are already all on the table in our life, we just have to have the patience to reconstruct the overall design.

These pieces of the puzzle are precisely our passions, the constants of our life. The more we will succeed in combine these passions in a single design, the closer we get to define the purpose of our life.

So I propose a second experiment:

  • Create a concept map of the constants in your life. Do you remember what concept maps are? In addition to being an excellent method of study, concept maps can be extremely useful when it comes to finding a link between apparently distant topics. Take a blank sheet of paper, write down the 3-5 constants of your life and circle each one of them: these will be the nodes of your concept map.
  • Find associative relationships. Try now to find relationships between the constants in your life. In some cases the relationships will be obvious, in others you will have to make a major stretch of the imagination. It is important to face this little game without prejudice. As strange as some relationships may seem to you, give them a chance. This step is both complicated and delicate.
  • Synthesize the results in a one-liner. A one-liner is a single line of text that summarizes a concept. Try writing this short sentence so that you understand the constants in your life and the relationships you have found between them. Edit it, take away what is unnecessary, until you find a phrase that deeply inspires you.

Congratulations - you have found your life purpose.

Now you have to "simply" fulfill your destiny.

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