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    How to find your ideal weight

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    An effective approach to regaining the ideal weight.

    "There is probably nothing in the world that raises the same false hopes as the first 4 hours of a new diet."

    Samuel Beckett.

    Admit it! In recent weeks you have been crowned, respectively: world champion in fork lifting, Grand Master of the Order of Laid Tables and, in order not to miss anything, Senior Taster of Pa & Pa SpA. (Panettoni and Pandori International) ?! Am I right or am I right?

    The Christmas holiday period can be literally disastrous for our diet and especially for our line. It is therefore no coincidence that many of us choose, among the good (s) year-end resolutions, just that of find your ideal weight, only to get to the costume test with the same identical extra kilos (indeed ... maybe a little more!).

    Let's face it: I am not a dietician, a personal trainer or anything else, but I have learned a little bit about goals and human psychology. In today's article, therefore, you will not find any miracle diet, but a simple one approach in 3 phases to find your ideal weight.

    An approach ?! And what do I do with an Andrè approach ?! I want the latest star diet! I want to be like Paris Clinton!

    Get back in shape? A question of approach

    Glossy monthly articles, teleshopping, radio directories: after the Christmas period, it seems that everyone wants to sell us magic pill to get back in shape. This magic pill, as it happens, is always either an amazing diet from the United States, or the ultimate fitness tool that slips comfortably under the bed!

    Taken by the enthusiasm of our good intentions, we buy the year and ... after a few weeks, the "definitive" diet is inexorably abandoned and the magical sports tool ends up collecting dust (under the bed, of course). More frustrated than ever, we go back to our old and dear ones bad habits, resigning ourselves to our extra kilos.

    Have you ever wondered what went wrong?

    When we don't reach a goal, our natural reaction is to blame the surrounding conditions: I don't have time to train, the diet isn't right for me, I'm fat by constitution, etc .. You know what these buzzing phrases are called incessantly in your head: apologies.

    Oh, we're very good at making them up. Sometimes we devote more energy to finding the right excuse than to accomplish our goal: we are gods excuse professionals.

    In reality, what didn't work was theapproach that we have adopted, and the choice of this approach is our responsibility. Only when you take 100% responsibility for the change do you have a 100% chance of changing.

    But how do you find the right approach ?! What really works? Basically we are bombarded with dozens of strategies, techniques, diets, tools, etc. that all seem winning! Is there to get lost? Faced with this dilemma, I have always tried to follow a simple principle:

    "Take lessons only from those who have obtained the results you want".

    If you also believe in this principle, I want to tell you the story of Anthony, one of my points of reference in the world of personal growth and physical well-being, but above all a person who ... "preaches well and scratches ... better".

    Anthony's story

    I started reading Anthony even before creating GetPersonalGrowth, so let's talk about 7-8 years ago, and I've always considered him one of my points of reference, for personal growth. Anthony, in addition to being a personal growth enthusiast, has dedicated more than 15 years to the study and experimentation of the best strategies for physical well-being andsupply.

    From what he himself says, this passion of his derives (in part) from various weight problems experienced during adolescence. In short, Anthony has never been a "skinny by nature".

    These experiments and the strategies adopted are never improvised. In fact, in the last 15 years, Anthony has been confronted with doctors, nutritionists and athletic trainers, and has experimented on his own skin with different food and training strategies. Not only that, as a fan of personal growth, understood that to reach your ideal weight, a diet and a good training program are not enough, you have to work on your head (beliefs, motivations, limitations, etc):

    “If you want to have a different body, you have to have a different mind”.

    Anthony doesn't like to call himself an expert, he prefers the term "curious explorer“; the fact is that his story has always inspired me and a few years ago, terrified by the "employee's bacon", I decided to follow his method to find the ideal physical shape.

    Andre '… do you think to continue with' ste sviolinate or tell me a little about this phantasmagoric method ?!

    The 3 pillars of physical well-being

    In my opinion, the merit of the "The 3 Pillars of Physical Wellbeing”Is to integrate the best strategies of personal growth (achievement of objectives, focus, elimination of limiting beliefs, etc.), to best practices in terms of supply ed Physical training.

    The message of Anthony's method is very simple. If you want to reach your ideal weight, you have to work on 3 pillars and you have to do it according to a precise sequence. In the last part of the article I want to introduce you to these 3 pillars and the key tips proposed by Anthony, in the hope that they can be the starting point on your path to the ideal weight.

    First Pillar: mental aspect

    Any physical change always starts with our mind. If you want to improve on the outside, you have to grow on the inside.

    To do this, you must first work on yours limiting beliefs. How do you think you can lose weight and lose weight if you consider any diet a tremendous punishment? How do you think you will get the slightest result if you associate suffering and discomfort with physical activity? How do you plan to regain your ideal weight if you subconsciously consider people who have good physical appearance to be empty and false?

    THEmental aspect it is often underestimated by some nutritionists and personal trainers. Yet as long as you don't eliminate your limiting beliefs and find the right motivations, change will be virtually impossible for you.

    In fact, the only effective changes are those that happen… naturally.

    In this context, Anthony offers very interesting techniques and strategies to improve self-esteem.

    But the mind alone is not enough ... you need to act: through proper nutrition and targeted training.

    Second Pillar: nutrition

    The sequence proposed by Anthony is not accidental: nutrition comes, in fact, after the mental attitude, but before physical activity. Indeed, to be exact, many experts believe that nutrition can account for more than 70% of achieving our weight goals.

    In short: you can have all the motivations in the world, train like a madman, but if you eat "caz di can" (a well-known Parisian expression), you will hardly reach your ideal weight.

    Particular attention must be paid to nutrition, because unfortunately it is a subject that is often subject to fads and about which little is known. I repeat, I am not an expert and I would never allow myself to give dietary advice, but my suggestion is to get information, study and contact specialists before embarking on a new diet.

    From this point of view, I really like Anthony's approach that doesn't just suggest a “good for all” food table.

    Among the diets proposed there is that of the Paleo Diet. This diet refers to the eating habits of the Paleolithic man, thus preferring those foods deriving from hunting and gathering. I have personally experienced this diet. For the moment I have decided not to embrace it fully, but I have already found many benefits in terms of energy and mental clarity.

    Am I wrong or did we talk about 3 pillars? If you really want to regain your ideal weight, you need to learn how to train GetPersonalGrowth.

    Third Pillar: physical activity

    As a personal growth enthusiast, I find physical activity one of the most important "portals" to start one's personal development path. And if you want to regain your ideal weight, the habit of physical activity becomes indispensable.

    The problem with physical activity is that there are too many clichés about which workouts are really effective and which ones are just a waste of time. Improvised, do-it-yourself workouts only lead to injury and frustration.

    In short, if you have to train, you have to GetPersonalGrowth.

    Some practical examples? Long training sessions in the gym are useless, or at least of little impact. If your goal is to lose weight, that counts quality andintensity of your workouts.

    In the expanses of the savannah, primitive man did not start doing ... step: he alternated moments of semi-sleep with moments of intense physical activity to chase after prey or ... to escape from predators. Even though our lifestyle has changed enormously, the genetic makeup and physiology of our body are not all that different from our Paleolithic ancestors; which is why the really effective workouts are those that reproduce those conditions of intensity and variety typical of our ancestral past.


    This article did not pretend to provide you in a few lines with the classic magic pill that will solve all your line problems in a few days (said to us: it does not exist). However, I hope to have achieved a double goal:

    1. Debunking the myth that the latest fashion diet will help you reach your ideal weight. A diet by itself is not enough. If you want to reach, but above all maintain your ideal weight, you must take a more complete approach, which starts from your head and only then affects your diet and your physical activity.
    2. Provide you with some practical references to start immediately to inform you, study and independently choose the most effective strategies to achieve your result in terms of ideal weight. In fact, my invitation is to deepen the issues related to limited beliefs, the Paleo Diet and the BIIO training method.
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