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    How to find inspiration

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    5 strategies to find inspiration and reach your most ambitious goals.

    "The best way to complete something is to start."


    Reading my articles on success and goal achievement, many readers ask me what the secret of success.

    To be honest I don't have the faintest idea; however, I have a vague feeling that, in one way or another, everything has to do with action, or rather, with the ability to set a goal and pursue it with unwavering determination until it has been achieved.

    Yeah… easier said than done.

    Whether it's preparing for your next college exam or hitting a very important goal of yours, you need to act constantly; but action requires energy: a resource we often feel deprived of.

    A very valuable source of energy for all those who intend to achieve ambitious goals is the motivation. But not all forms of motivation have the same value:

    • there is the motivation dictated by time.
    • there is the motivation dictated bygreed.
    • there is the motivation dictated by fear.

    These are undoubtedly the most common forms of motivation, but also the least effective. In fact, there is a very rare and valuable form of motivation. A form of motivation that is born within us and like the best wood it is able to burn for a long time, giving off heat and light.

    This form of motivation is linked toinspiration: when we are able to inspire ourselves, what seemed to us an insurmountable obstacle, magically transforms itself into the umpteenth step towards our goal.

    In this article I will tell you about 5 most effective ways to find inspiration:

    1. Make a decision. If you think carefully, all the milestones you have achieved in the past depend on a decision. Maybe you have decided to give up a bad habit, get back in shape or give life to your dream. It does not matter what results you have achieved in your life: each of these has depended on a decision. So decide right now what your next goal will be. But remember, making a decision doesn't mean you have a vague idea of ​​what you'll do tomorrow; The verb to decide comes from the Latin de-caedere, that is: “to cut away”. Making serious decisions means burning ships behind, eliminating all other options and dedicating yourself body and soul to your goal. Our fear of failure keeps us from giving 100%: but this, ironically, is what makes us fail. Now decide what you want and go get it.
    2. Preach well and… scratch well. Our mind needs consistency. Motivation arises from the union of motives and action. If your whys, or the reasons why you want to achieve a certain goal, are consistent with the actions you take every day, nothing can stop you. On the contrary, if you keep telling yourself that you want to achieve a certain goal, but at the same time do everything to undermine your path, there is no motivational article that will hold: you will always be doomed to failure. Act consistently with your goals and motivation will arise spontaneously with each action.
    3. Find inspiration in words. There are days when we need a little nudge to get started, someone to tell us the right words to get us moving. The words of the greats of the present and of the past can be an inexhaustible source of inspiration in those moments when you are about to let go. Take with you the phrases that have deeply inspired you. If you haven't found your guiding aphorisms yet, try this article: “Motivation: 10 aphorisms to regain your energy“.
    4. Find inspiration in music and movies. Have you ever wondered why the music and film industry, with its ups and downs, resists every crisis? Films and songs are able to convey emotions to us; these emotions are able, at times, to make us put into action. When you are down in the dumps and unmotivated, leverage the scenes of the movies that you were most passionate about or the songs that have always given you energy. Sometimes it takes very little to revolutionize your mood. Are you short of inspiring movies and music? No problem, there's the GetPersonalGrowth Blog: Motivation: 30 Movies You Should (Re) See, A Playlist for Your Perfect Day, Motivating Music: The Dave Matthews Band and the Rule of Success.
    5. Focus on the future and act in the present. A quote that has been very successful here in the blog said: "Nothing can drag you down if you are not tied to it". Often what drags us down is our past: failures, negative experiences, tragic fatalities. The past can be a boulder that leads us inexorably to the bottom, or ... or we decide to untie ourselves from this boulder and focus our energies on the present and the future. Visualizing a successful future can be a huge source of inspiration, but the secret to making Visualizations a reality is hidden in the word itself ... let's see if you can find out ... ;-)

    I hope this article has been of… inspiration.

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