How to fight stress in 5 steps

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How to fight stress in 5 simple steps: find out how to eliminate the excess stress you have accumulated.

Some people are so used to stress that they don't remember what life was like without it.

Andrew Bernstein

Fighting Stress that we accumulate daily becomes a fundamental action to live peacefully.

Stress affects us for various reasons: cities that are too crowded, people around us we don't like, particularly tough exams or difficulties at work, in short, sooner or later we all learn how to fight stress.

When we talk about stress we have a clear idea of ​​the suffering it causes: feelings of oppression, headaches, too many things to think about, confusion and many other unpleasant symptoms, the good news is that sometimes fight stress it is possible with a few simple actions.

Having said that, we need to know that a minimum of stress is not bad at all, in small doses it is useful to stimulate us to get out of our mental patterns a little more.

So let's see a path of 5 remedies for stress.

How to fight stress in 5 steps

# 1 Admit you're stressed out

The first essential step in fighting stress is to become aware of the fact that stress is harming you and it is time to say enough.

It may seem trivial but we often proceed in our hectic lives without realizing that stress is hurting us.

Take note of the causes of your stress, recognize them and discuss them internally, the discussion allows you to better identify your state and consequently helps you to fight stress.

As I often repeat here on Personal Growth Lovers, you can only change what you are aware of.

# 2 Start with background music

After realizing that fighting stress is a way to go, even before reducing it you need to prepare a pleasant background music or a relaxing melody, perhaps on the piano or some light instrument to combat mental stress.

If you don't have your own relaxation playlist, I suggest you create one, insert at least an hour of relaxing and pleasant music, so that when you need to relax you can count on this tool, alternatively you can browse through YouTube videos or look for some good meditation melodies.

Remember that music shouldn't be too busy, better choose something simple and relaxing.

# 3 Describe your upset

Grab a pen and paper, digital tools are no good, and accurately describe them on a sheet of paper cause of tuo stress, be honest, only you will see what you write, lying will make the exercise useless.

Try to describe the causes of your stress accurately and in great detail so that you can put them on paper.

Write emphatically and with feeling everything you think will free you from yours stress emotivo.

Once this is done, ball up the sheet and throw it in the recycling bin, or tear it into a thousand pieces trying to visualize it stress being destroyed together with the card.

# 4 Relax your body and mind

Relaxing the body will help you a lot to bring the mind to relaxation and consequently to fight stress, to do this you can simply lie on the bed and gently relax the muscles, even better if you try to meditate, perhaps starting a pleasant habit, if you don't know how to do it, I can only advise you to read a meditation manual.

If, on the other hand, stress assails you even in these moments, try to distract yourself with some light activity that you are passionate about, if you play sports, go for a run or maybe consider enrolling in a yoga class.

# 5 Plan your final payoff

After you have properly relaxed it is time to weed out the cause of your stress, take a pen and paper once again and move on to the construction phase, write down the 5 problems that stress you the most and next define what you can do to solve them.

Write down the real and concrete actions you can put in place for eliminate the causes of your stressIf you have a tendency to procrastinate, unpack the actions in small steps and put them on a daily to-do list, so as to eliminate the stress once and for all.

Tips for eliminating work stress

  1. Simplify. Cut out all unnecessary activities that suck your mental energies, for everything material that enters yours sphere of serenity eliminate another, do not accumulate unnecessary objects, tidy up around you and cut out the activities that stress you excessively.
  2. Use the to-do list. To relieve the stress of daily tasks, it is useful to transfer the various tasks to be carried out to relieve mental pressure on paper: start by inserting only 3 activities a day, if the stress does not reduce, cut them again and take them to two.
  3. Take some breaks. Simply if you are too stressed, stop, take a break to switch off, take 5 minutes and relax your body, stretch your muscles and stretch gently. Always avoid long study or work marathons, try to balance and dose your attention.
  4. Use the tomato technique. The tomato technique is one of the most useful tools for managing your time and energy, using it is essential to take the pace you need and not overload yourself with stress.
  5. Create your stress reliever routine. To effectively combat stress, find your relaxing routine that will have the function of reducing the stress you have accumulated, the first steps are the ones I have explained to you, but build a stable routine that can adapt to your schedules.

How to fight everyday stress

Create a relaxation routine for eliminate and fight stress it is an effective method to fight it, start from the awareness of being stressed, find your musical background, describe and clearly define the causes of stress and finally relax your body and mind.

If you often feel stressed, try to identify and eliminate the main sources of your discomfort in order to root out the stress that reaches you.

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