How to detox from chocolate

    How to detox from chocolate

    Some foods can induce a real addiction, with the risk of putting line and health at risk. Top of the list there is chocolate for many: if you are among them, here's how to keep the desire under control with the doctor's tips Sara Gilardi, nutrition biologist in Turin, Volterra and Livorno.


    “In absolute terms there is no reason to give up this food altogether, because - if of quality - chocolate is nutritious and is good for you, also helping a good mood », observes the expert. The goal, therefore, is not to overdo it. «In order not to take the risk, the first trick is to prefer it with at least 75% cocoa. This percentage indicates that it was produced with little sugar and therefore, in addition to being healthier, it has a bitter taste that is not addicting (as happens instead with the dessert) and a taste so intense that it is impossible to overdo it with the doses ».


    To contain the quantities without suffering too much, you must then focus on other snacks capable of give energy and satisfy the palate together. "Like, for example, dried fruit and oil seeds," suggests the nutritionist.


    An unstoppable craving for chocolate is often also the consequence of one body's demand for sugars induced by an insufficient amount of carbohydrates at the table. “If you want to cut the tablets, then you have to regularly insert whole carbohydrates (pasta, rice, cereals) on the menu - they will help you keep blood glucose levels under control, reducing the appetite and the desire for sweet », advises doctor Gilardi.


    «Recent studies conducted on people with type 2 diabetes have shown that cinnamon helps to avoid blood sugar spikes and, consequently, not to feel the need for sweets. You can use this spice in various ways: for example it is good in cappuccino, yogurt, fruit salad and salad. It is also ideal with kefir, a food that nourishes the beneficial flora of the colon, which among its many functions also has that of contributing to keep insulin levels in the blood stable», Concludes the expert.


    What triggers the "chocolate craving", that is desire that makes the craving for chocolate uncontrollable? «This food causes in the organism the release of serotonin and endorphins», Replies the expert,« that is, of neurotransmitters associated with the sensations of pleasure and well-being. Hence the risk of run into an addiction in the long run, favored for most of the products also by the fact that they contain a lot of sugar. Sucrose, in fact, binds to the same opiate receptors, which give calm and satisfaction, but of which you can no longer do without».

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