How to deal with the fear of change?

How to deal with the fear of change?Everyone, sooner or later, at some point in our life we ​​have had to face a change, at work, in the relationship of the couple or in the lifestyle. In fact, changes are an integral part of life, our life is constantly evolving and I am not referring only to epochal changes, but also to small daily changes, such as changing the brand of a food we consume every day. the greater the change, the stronger our resistance to change will be, which means that we will postpone it several times until we have no more excuses. But have you ever wondered why we tend to postpone changes that we know are necessary? In reality the reason is very simple: every change in our life means leaving our comfort zone to launch ourselves into a whole new situation that will require effort greater. As you can imagine, delving into unknown territory always causes some concern because we don't know for sure what to expect and, as a result, we try to postpone the change, perhaps in the hope that it will not be necessary or to wait until we find the courage. However, remember that there is a fine line between needing to be prepared for change and postponing it indefinitely just out of fear. In fact, the prospect of change is often worse than the transformation itself.

5 ways to deal with the fear of change

1. Find out what your greatest fear is. Many times we postpone the change because we do not feel safe, but it is often a widespread feeling and if we asked ourselves what we are afraid of we probably would not know how to answer. Therefore, the first step is to determine what is holding us back, what is our worst nightmare. 2. Determine if it is a real fear. There are too many things that we take for granted without ever questioning them, ideas that determine our behavior and that are probably not entirely certain. Once we have identified our fear, let us ask ourselves if it is the fruit of our imagination, of the training we have received or if it is something real. If it is a real fear, we evaluate how much damage it could cause us. You will be surprised to find that most of the barriers we have set ourselves are only in our minds, they are limitations that others have placed on us. Determine the benefits of the change. When we are afraid it is normal for us to focus on the negative aspects and ignore the benefits that change would bring us. To motivate us to act, an excellent strategy is to highlight the benefits that transformation will bring. 3. Identify the resources you have. Sometimes the fear is real because we have a lot to lose. In these cases, it is recommended to take an inventory of the resources needed to make the change happen. I am referring not only to financial resources but also to skills and abilities, as well as close people who could help us. Being aware of the resources available will give us strength and encourage us to take the first step, which is usually the most difficult. Seek support from those around you. Asking for help to deal with a change is not a reason to be ashamed, quite the contrary. We all need support at certain times and having the humility to acknowledge this is essential. Remember that no one is an island in itself, no one has ever gone too far without the support of others. Do not be afraid to take the plunge, remember that an abyss cannot be crossed with two small steps. If things go wrong, at least you will have had the satisfaction of trying. Always keep in mind that there is nothing worse than spending a lifetime wondering what would have happened if we had had the courage to try?
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