How to choose the right supplements for you


People are used to the “one size fits all” for certain things. In some occasions it is fine, for others less. How would you not get shoes with 3 sizes less, like this you shouldn't take supplements haphazardly without knowing if they are suitable for you. Here's how to find out which supplements you need


DO NOT take random supplements

It is important to take supplements that are necessary for your body and also that the quality of the substances is the best

It is not only which supplement you take that matters but also the synergy of the individual substances. Let's take the classic example of Iron. Iron by itself is not absorbed by the body very well, to do so it is necessary that there is vitamin C to support it, otherwise most of the substance is not metabolized.

This principle also applies to most vitamins, that is to be assimilated they must have cofactors which help its absorption and effectiveness.

It therefore becomes very important to understand how to behave in the choice of supplements whether we simply want to get better or if we want to solve some problems, here is that in the second case we are used to reasoning by symptoms, does it also work with supplements?


Prepare your metabolism

"What supplement should I take for this disorder?" it seems the correct question to ask only that in the field of Nutritional Medicine it is difficult to give a correct answer to this question, in addition to the fact that there should be a doctor to give it.

The point is that we are not talking about classical medicine that goes to "cure" a symptom, the basis from which we start is that if the body has the necessary substances available, it can work and self-repair reaching the highest level of health and efficiency allowed by its genetics.

So we understand the importance of the synergy of the various substances and the choice of the elements most suitable for our metabolism.

People use a lot of supplements often without having a clear idea of ​​what is right to take or are counting on the fact that a single substance can be the solution to their problems. This is often described by articles or even said by professionals: the classic take vitamin C which helps you not to have a cold.

The fact to understand is that to feel good you need to put your metabolism in order, bring the body back to a proper balance at the level of the various chemical reactions that make up the metabolism and make the body capable of doing what it is "built" for, that is, self-regenerate.

In conditions of metabolic balance and with the right amount of vitamins, amino acids and mineral salts, the body gives its best and expresses its maximum potential.

Some imbalances can occur for example from poor conditions antioxidant capacity, plant species bacterial damage, poor capacity inflammatory or little assimilation of fundamental amino acids. These conditions can remain hidden until they definitively worsen or simply manifest themselves in the form of serious diseases or disorders that worsen over time.

Scientific evidence shows that the combined use of personalized supplements and proper training and nutrition lead to improved overall health, providing more energy, better sleep, more mental clarity and greater resistance to disease.


How can we know what we need?

Each person is different and this depends on a thousand different factors. There are very sophisticated tests that identify what is wrong with the metabolism and suggest how to fix it. The results of about 15000 cases were analyzed using these technologies and thanks to the research activity carried out by EINUM (European Institute of Nutritional Medicine) and Meetab, a company of personalized supplements, a free tool was developed. to estimate your shortcomings: the Numex® test.

The Numex test does not diagnose health problems but focuses on indicating in which direction a metabolic imbalance has occurred and suggests how to restore the body to an optimal condition through lifestyle advice and personalized integration.

The test is useful to do it again from time to time because obviously the needs of the body change.

TAKE THE NUMEX® TEST NOW and discover the condition of your metabolism, you will receive a personalized suggestion and the advice of the most suitable supplements for you in this period.


What results can be achieved?

Over an average of 2 months, people have improved reflexes, reaction times, resilience after physical and mental stress, improve sleep, skin, hair and above all they feel more energetic.

There are also those who lose weight, those who significantly decrease the craving for sugars and those who simply feel much better.



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