How to choose sandwich bread

    How to choose sandwich bread

    The slogans that stand out on the packs ("Rustic", "Good and healthy", "All natural ingredients" etc.) would suggest a food even preferable to fresh bread, due to its greater shelf life. «The truth is that instead we are often faced with a poor product»Warns Luca Speciani, doctor and nutritionist.

    There is also anti-mold alcohol

    «While traditional bread is made up of flour, water, yeast and salt, that one in industrial case contains a series of ingredients, easily identifiable on the label, necessary to give body to the dough and avoid the formation of mold.

    Thus, sugars are often present, low-quality preservatives and lipids, such as mono and diglycerides of fatty acids, obtained from vegetable oils such as palm oil or even from slaughterhouse waste », continues the expert.

    Then just pay attention to the smell given off by the package when you open it to perceive an unmistakable hint of alcohol. "Ethyl alcohol or ethanol is a preservative widely used by the food industry", explains Dr. Luca Speciani.

    "In the case of the crusty bread, is sprayed on the surface of the product before packaging: it serves to prevent the development of molds that often attack it. A minimal amount is used and most of it evaporates when the bag is opened, therefore there is no risk of toxicity, but its use is another indication of lack of naturalness ».

    Okay if so 

    Should we therefore give up the convenience of packaged bread? "The artisan bread it is preferable, however on the market you can also find good industrial products », replies the expert.

    «Bet only on those made with 100% wheat flours from the country (it is indicated on the package), better if integral e bio, in which the only fat used is extra virgin olive oil, free of dextrose and synthetic additives. Also the absence of preservatives it is a sign of superior quality. Finally, once the package is opened, store it in the refrigerator and consume it within 7 days ».

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