How to chat with a girl on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp

Wondering how to chat with a girl you like? You're not the only one!

Many guys have doubts about how to start chatting with a girl, and they don't know how to effectively chat with a girl on Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp, to win her over or to get to know her better.

But in this digital age, mastering the tools of online seduction are key for a guy, as much of our interactions with the opposite sex happen through chat, texting, and texting.

In this article I want to give you some very important advice on how to chat with a girl: at the beginning I will explain the mistakes to be absolutely avoided (and what to do instead); then I'll give you guidelines to follow in specific environments like WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram.

How to chat with a girl: 10 mistakes to avoid

Finally we are ready to see how to chat with a girl. There are mistakes that a good 90% of guys make in chat, so I want to list them below, so that you can learn how to avoid them once and for all!

1. Make grammatical mistakes

It may seem trivial to you, but it isn't. When you write a message you have to stay pay attention to grammar, especially if you are dealing with a girl who is in college, or who is of a certain cultural level.

Don't confuse subjunctives with conditionals!

Don't use abbreviations, because while they are not a problem for many people, for others they are really a nuisance. So avoid the various xk and cmq ...

Finally, when thinking about what to write to a girl, try to make the sentences as linear and understandable as possible. Always re-read before hitting the enter key ?

2. Using too many emoticons

Communication via chat or texting lacks that altogether non-verbal component which is essential to make understand the true sense of what you say.

For this reason the use of emoticons turns out fundamental: allows you to convey different emotions, take advantage of the irony, not be too cold, and reinforce the concepts you express. You can not do without it!

But at the same time you have to be careful of do not abuse it, because filling the messages with emoticons is an unattractive and childish attitude, as well as being perceived by her as your too big investment in his regards.

Anyway, when wondering how to chat with a girl, try to match her writing style, using the same amount of emoticons she uses. If you see that he hardly uses them at all, don't use them either. If you use a lot, feel free to use more!

3. Write too much

When you chat with a girl, remember not to invest more than her in the conversation; this is a fundamental rule. A good measure of the investment you are making is by comparing the length, frequency and number of your messages with the length, frequency and number of messages she is writing to you.

Avoid writing too much and too frequently, otherwise you will turn out to be a pushy and clingy person, and she will immediately lose interest (or never care about you).

4. Never end the conversation first

Of course, you don't always have to end the conversation first, but doing so will sometimes earn you points towards her, as it will give her an image. committed and mysterious of you.

The person ending the conversation is generally the one leading the interaction. By doing this you will instantly distinguish yourself from all the other needy guys who go out of their way to extend chats with girls as much as possible (and you can be sure that the girl you are with has a lot of them too).

You will give her a way to continue thinking of you even after your conversation is over.

5. Always respond promptly

It happens too often: we text the person we like and don't take our eyes off the phone until we get their answer. Then as soon as we receive the message, we immediately write the next one without waiting even a minute.

It often happens to chat in real time with a girl, and in that case there is no problem in devoting our utmost attention to the chat and respond immediately, but most of the time it doesn't (and it shouldn't be!)

Get in the habit of texting, put the phone back on the bedside table and go back to doing what you were doing. After a while you will pick up the phone, read the answer and write a new message.

This way you will give a more interesting picture of yourself, and not that of a little boy who is always stuck in front of the phone with nothing important to do in his life. You will also do a little wanting.

If she then replies to you very late, such as after 2 or 3 hours, try to wait about the same time as her before rewriting her, if not longer.

6. Be boring and obvious

You will certainly not be able to seduce a girl in chat if you are trivial, ask boring questions, always give flat answers and do not create a playful and flirtatious atmosphere.

We men are rational: we set ourselves a logical goal such as for example win over a girl in chat, and we persevere until we reach this goal, even if along the way we realize that the chat with that girl is proving a bit boring.

Women on the other hand in making their own decisions, especially in the field of relationships, are much more emotional. When they start a chat with a guy, they don't set themselves goals: they listen to their emotions and act accordingly. If they are bored they leave the chat, while if they are experiencing positive emotions they continue to invest more and more in the conversation until they crave a live date.

Absolutely avoid the classic boring statements, questions, answers and conversations like:

  • "Hey what are you doing?"
  • "Hi how are you?"

If you want to learn how to create emotions through chat, and never be taken for granted in what you say, I suggest you download your copy of the Message Method ebook.

7. Slobbering

Many men start chatting with fool at the mouth, immediately showing explicitly their sexual interest in the poor girl they contact.

They are immediately very direct, start with compliments, make sexual proposals or dating and do not realize that this attitude completely destroys their chances of success.

Putting a girl and her beauty on the pedestal, implying that you have a strong sexual need, or showing interest in a girl even before she has done something to deserve it, are definitely some of the biggest mistakes that can be made in seduction.

  • "Hi beautiful!"
  • "I saw you today ... you are a goddess!"
  • "When will we see you?"
  • "I want to invite you to dinner ... come on, answer me;)"
  • "You have amazing legs ..."

If you're drooling, wipe it off before starting a chat with a girl! ?

8. Never get to the point

In order not to waste time and not to unnecessarily lengthen conversations, always keep in mind what is the goal of your interaction: get out in person and get to know you.

Too many people wonder how to chat with a girl to win her over, and too few think about how to get her in the shortest time to want a date.

Always remember to use chat as a powerful tool to get a girl interested in you, but not as a tool to win her over: that must be done in person!

Also, if your conversation has no purpose, you will end up talking about nothing, and after a while she will stop answering you or saying goodbye that she has to go.

So, the moment you notice that the girl is hooked, plays the game, and willingly replies to your messages, it's time to ask her out.

9. Being too attached to the result

The advent of Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Tinder, Meetic, and all other dating sites has profoundly changed the way we experience dating and relate to the opposite sex.

Until a few years ago you could only chat with a girl if you previously had the balls to ask her for her phone number. Today, however, any guy has the opportunity to contact 100 strangers a day if he wants, and many really do.

This means that the messages you exchange with the girl you like, or with any girl you know on the internet, are just one of the hundreds of chats on her phone. You are not the only one who requires his attention, and for this you will often be ignored, or treated with disdain. You have to get used to it and accept it.

How to chat with a girl on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp

From this consideration two fundamental needs emerge:

  • You need to improve your chat level (and you are already doing it thanks to this article)
  • You don't have to be attached to the result

So eliminate all expectations, don't be mad when a girl doesn't answer you, talk to multiple girls at the same time and Learn from your mistakes! As you gain experience, you will always know better how to chat with a girl you like to make her interested in you.

10. Use text messages only

A big advantage of chatting with a girl via WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram or Telegram, is the ability to use different content, and not just limit yourself to boring text messages. In addition to them you have an arsenal of tools at your disposal, such as:

  • the voice notes
  • the photos
  • Video

With these contents you can involve her much more in the conversation, and in Message Method you will be explained in detail how to use them in a winning way.


After seeing 10 fatal mistakes to avoid in seduction via messages, we will focus on how to chat with a girl on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and in other special cases.

How to chat with a girl on Instagram

Instagram is the social network of the moment. Thanks to it it is possible to earn by sharing photos and meeting new girls. What else do you want?

But then you may be wondering which ones are the best phrases to approach on Instagram, or how to chat with a girl on Instagram effectively. Let's see it right away.

How to chat with a girl on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp

If a girl follows you on Instagram, or you follow her and she reciprocates, you can start the game of seduction ... Avoid sending her a direct message immediately, but start interacting with her profile in a simpler and less intrusive way. For example, you can comment on some of her photos, leave her some likes, or comment on his stories.

As you already know, commenting on someone's story on Instagram is equivalent to starting a private chat with this person, without putting any pressure and without forcing you to undertake a long and articulated speech. It can be a really effective tool for start a conversation, which you can then follow up with a classic exchange of messages, and the request to give you his phone number.

How to chat with a girl on Facebook

First of all, it must be said that it makes little sense to contact random and unknown girls on Facebook, make trivial approaches and hope for some result. Most of the time the girls you contact in this way will not answer you.

Facebook is still not the ideal platform for approaching stranger girls online, and they currently work much better in this regard tinder ed Instagram. But there is good news ...

Facebook as usual is developing new tools for its users, and among these there will be the dating feature, to allow you to build lasting relationships and meet new people through a mechanism similar to that already seen in Tinder. Soon it will really be possible to hook up with unknown girls on Facebook. Just have a little patience ?

Aside from the dating feature, it's entirely possible to use Facebook to initiate or carry on interactions with a girl you already know in real life, at least by sight.

The first step will be to study his profile thoroughly and its recent status updates. With the data you will be able to obtain, you will be able to create specific and interesting messages to send to her, which will entice her to reply and interact with you. Examples:

  • “Hey Marta, how was the holidays? I saw that you were in Egypt ... I went there last year and it was really a crazy experience :) "
  • "The last photo you uploaded is really beautiful ... what lens did you use to take it?"
  • “Don't tell me you like Arctic Monkeys! Guess who bought a ticket for their concert? "

How to talk to a girl on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the most widely used application in Spain for exchanging messages. That's where a girl chats with her parents, her best friends, other guys she likes, or her boyfriend.

Facebook and Instagram are good for starting a conversation, exchanging first few words and getting to know each other a little. But then you have to take his WhatsApp contact and continue the discussion there.

If a girl refuses to give you her WhatsApp it means that wants to keep you at a distance, either because you haven't intrigued her enough or because she fears you might become intrusive. So try to make her at least a little interested in you through the other social networks in which you are already friends before asking for her number. If he feels a little connection with you, he won't hesitate to leave him.

Once you have his number, stay away from the mistakes I listed at the beginning of the article, and you will be on your way for sure ?

How to flirt with a girl in chat

Remember that to bring a girl to date, you must have previously been able to flirt with us via chat. In this article, I have already given you some interesting tips for flirting and useful phrases for seducing a girl through texting.

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