How to become a vegetarian in three steps

Are vegetarians born or made? There are many reasons that can lead us to embrace a vegetarian diet. The risks associated with the daily intake of animal proteins first of all, the desire to detoxify from an unregulated diet, but also attention to the environment since the livestock industry is one of the major causes of pollution, may be the main reasons for this change. However, we must distinguish the "purist" vegetarians, supporters of vegan cuisine who take only vegetables, from a diet that integrates cheese and eggs and therefore animal proteins.

Be vegetarian it is almost a "philosophy of life" that can during the time or even alone for a stage of life. But even just for one day a week as proposed by Paul McCartney. For anyone who wants to become a vegetarian, we can suggest three simple steps useful for starting this new food path.

The major benefit of this change is significantly lower cholesterol levels. Ad hoc scientific research has shown that for those who follow this type of diet the risks of cardiovascular disease are much lower, the same goes for glycemia root cause of the diabetes. But it doesn't stop there: it has been shown that a vegetable-based diet can counteract the onset of various cancers (in particular that to the colon).

Here are three tips that can facilitate our choice of become vegetarians:

1) The first step to follow is to focus on three dishes that can bring a good mood to the table: think of spring rolls, fried patinas or tofu. Begin ours Vegetarian diet packaged three "cheerful" dishes it can be a great start.

2) Secondly we can transform three dishes from our traditional menu into vegetarian dishes. Just a little imagination and that's it. On all tacos with chili sauce that can be prepared without meat but only with a vegetable sauce (peppers, courgettes and aubergines sautéed in a pan for example). With the same sauce we will be able to dress the noodles of Sunday lunch for the guests that we will pleasantly surprise.

3) If you don't have time or you lack creativity in the kitchen our third tip I say buy or search on the web vegetarian recipes to broaden your knowledge and experience your cooking skills. It will certainly not be a walk in the park, but it will definitely be worth it!

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