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    How to become a classy person

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    Becoming a person of class helps you to be successful. Whether you are a man or a woman, eBeing a classy person allows you to attract growth opportunities: people, in fact, are attracted to classy people and wants to do business with them, befriend them, or otherwise join their sphere of influence.

    Becoming a person of class will allow you to be seen by others as a successful person and as someone who can broaden their possibilities. You will also come appreciated for your integrity and responsibility, and you will attract people at the top in their field.

    Take a look at your friends, colleagues, associates, customers, acquaintances: are they classy people? If sadly they are not, consider that shortcoming as one mirror that reflects your current status. Make the decision today to become a classy person and see what kind of people you can attract. Do fewer things, but do them better, increasing the quality your attitude and behavior.

    To become a person of class you must first strive to be a person of class. Compared to the past, the number of class people has certainly decreased in today's society. Think of actors like James Stewart or Paul Newman, actresses Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly or even the former president of South Africa Nelson Mandela: today there are famous people capable of standing out for their class like the ones I just mentioned. ? I do not think so… Today we live in the era in which it is better to "be in the hand" so that differentiating is really difficult. The truth is that to be a person of class you should have the courage to show "personality", without fearing the judgment of others (I have already told you about how to deal with the fear of "what will others say?"). Work on yourself for freeing oneself from conventions that detract from one's imagination and creativity is certainly a preliminary aspect to becoming a person of class.

    Elegance can be seen; the class feels.

    Roberto Gervaso

    How to become a classy person

    If you want become a person of class there are one set of guidelines to which you could inspire you:

    • Live to your highest standards. To get class, you have to establish, apply and follow consciously of the personal standards based on value and quality choices (I already suggested you in another article by live by pursuing value rather than quantity). In conclusion, be more demanding, deep and selective in the way you think and behave with respect to common standards.
    • Maintain dignity and calm under pressure. When you are in adverse situations or in chaos try to be unperturbed. Don't get too involved or you risk losing your temper (in another article I suggested how you can keep calm). It is known that calm is the virtue of the strong, as it instills courage. When you manage to stay calm, you also instill trust in others, giving them hope that everything will work out for the best. In short, you become a leader who expresses firmness and resolve.
    • Become a role model who improves the behavior of others. Be one classy person it also means to become a model to follow, as people always tend to be inspired by the example and leadership of class people. This improves the behavior of others who, referring to positive values, begin to think and act in a different and certainly more constructive way, compared to what has been done up to that moment.
    • It operates from a broader and more inclusive perspective. Precisely because they come into contact with their own humanity, classy people have a deeper understanding and compassion for the humanity of others. They feel connected to others, they are compassionate towards others' failures and tend to be kind even in conflict situations.
    • Increase the quality of every experience. Become one classy person it also means being able to transform seemingly insignificant situations into something pleasant, meaningful and interesting thanks to their way of thinking and acting. Classy people are creators rather than mere consumers, and enrich both their own existence and that of the people around them through search for beauty, uniqueness and stimulation in every experience.
    • It opposes any form of meanness, narrow-mindedness and vulgarity. I distinctive signs of this feature are courtesy, respect, appreciation, gratitude and generosity of spirit. Even in the face of defeats, tries to react with sportiness and grace. This will allow you to stand out from the crowd, since many people tend to take extremely competitive and aggressive attitudes in the challenges of life.
    • Take responsibility for the actions you take and the results you get. Le classy people do not look for excuses: give an account of their work when others hide; they tell the truth about their failures; they transform defeats into new opportunities. If you want to learn more, I wrote an article about it the importance of taking full responsibility for your life.
    • Pursue constant improvement. Be one classy person it also means establish and strive to achieve ever greater goals. Grow constantly e to add more and more value and meaning to one's life is undoubtedly a positive attitude that will allow you to live a more fulfilling existence.
    • Expand your humanity. Le classy people love humanity and they do everything to show their love: treat everyone, including themselves, in a unique way, continually finding opportunities to make both their own lives and that of others better. One they push their own limits and encourage others to do the same through the freedom e the uniqueness.
    • Increase self-confidence and confidence in others. Le classy people are energy creators rather than "drainers". They build the self-confidence consciously choosing their dominant ideas and ideals and creating structures that support the realization of their aspirations. These structures they also support others in their full expression by creating encouraging and creative environments, whose peculiarities are cooperation, progress and growth.

    Of course, if you want become a person of class, as well as expressing sincere appreciation for others (in another article I suggested how express appreciation), you must first of all treat yourself with respect, concern and dignity. Dress well, eat well and always behave with sophistication and style. By setting higher personal standards, you will learn to love yourself.

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