How soon does a man miss: symptoms and stages

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How long does a man miss? How soon does a guy begin to regret leaving his partner?

Feeling nostalgic for a broken love affair and missing your partner are natural feelings after the end of a relationship, and it is a mistake to think that these feelings only affect the person who was left behind.

In this article I will help you understand after what a man misses of the ex, and I will also show you the main signs to realize that that moment has indeed arrived.

If you're eagerly waiting for the moment when your man starts missing you, surely there is also an intention in your plans to win him back. 

After what a man misses: psychology

According to several researches, before a man begins to miss his woman at least 3 weeks must pass. After that, nostalgia for what it was starts to attack his stomach. This is obviously not a rule. The period can be shorter or longer based on several factors, such as:

Who left whom: a woman who has been left immediately feels the lack of her partner, on the other hand, the latter may begin to feel the desire to see her ex again only after some time (as I mentioned before). This is due to the fact that the person who decides to end the relationship will physiologically feel safer and stronger, after all it is she who wanted this to happen. In this case, the lack comes only after weeks, and those who have been left should focus 100% on their life in the first moments, in order to avoid sinking into the trauma of desire.

Duration of the relationship: a longer and more serious relationship is a symptom of a deeper relationship and consequently a greater sense of emptiness once it ends. Conversely, a short, shallow relationship usually doesn't involve serious grief once it comes to an end. So if your partner broke up with you, but you've been together a long time, they may come to feel a sense of nostalgia for you much earlier, as they are used to life with you.

How much time did you spend together: this factor is complementary to the previous one. If during your relationship you have spent every free moment together, also sharing your home, workplace and / or university, the lack felt will be greater. Likewise, if the time shared hasn't been that long, the separation will be less traumatic and your ex may never even miss you.

If you see each other despite the end of the relationship: Continuing to see each other after the relationship has ended (perhaps at work or in the same group of friends) can have an effect on the feeling of nostalgia felt by the partner. Having you always in front of his eyes, he will in fact be forced to remember every day what he himself has decided to lose.

If your ex already sees someone elseIf your ex already has someone to accompany him or has left you for someone else, he will most likely not miss you at all, at least at first. However, it is likely that the first crisis will begin to rethink how good it was with you. And believe me, sooner or later it will happen.

You signal that a man misses you

Wondering how long after a man misses his ex, you are surely also interested in knowing the main signs that a man is actually starting to miss his ex. Here they are below:

1. Enhanced contact

If your ex has started contacting you again via social media, or, if you go to the same places, has started to strike up a button every time he sees you, it is a sign that the emptiness you left after your breakup is starting to be felt, and he tries to remedy it. The ways in which it could intensify contacts are as follows:

  • He sends you messages and calls you more frequently.
  • When you write to him he doesn't waste time answering you, if you call him and he doesn't answer he'll call you back immediately.
  • He also contacts you for trivial matters and asks you how you are, what you are doing or asks for your opinion on something.
  • Start hanging out in places where he knows he can meet you.
  • If you go to the same place of work and / or study, he gets closer to you more often.
  • He always contacts you first.
  • When he manages to establish contact (telephone or in person) he tries to extend it as long as possible and contacts you several times during the day.
  • It never ends conversations or chats first.

This type of manifestation is the most common and also the easiest to recognize. When a man begins to miss, try to use every possible opportunity to start a conversation with you or to prolong it.

But remember that this is also a way he uses to regain control over you and you you must not allow it. Instead, try to keep him on his toes: sometimes you reply late, others view messages without writing anything, and still others reply immediately.

2. His behavior with others

Start observing how your ex behaves with other people, especially those around you. If he misses you, he will try to communicate it to you in some way, and perhaps not entirely directly out of fear of your reaction.

A positive sign will surely be his attempts to contact your friends, acquaintances or family. Have you talked to your sister recently? Did you ask your friend for advice? Did he offer to help any of your friends? Maybe that's how he tries to get close to you and explore the situation.

Also, try to observe how he behaves with your friends or at parties. Seems to be looking for other women? Did mutual friends let you know that he mentioned you or asked about you? Did you hear he broke up or got into a fight with his new girlfriend? Do you see him in the company of other women?

3. His behavior on social media

Social media is a great resource for learning what your ex is up to and possibly also for finding out if he or she misses you.

Of course, it's not about stalking your ex, it's just about figuring out how his life is going and being more alert. Most likely, thanks to social media you will find out if he is dating someone else or not, if he has a very intense social life and if he is planning important changes: a new job or a move.

As for the signals directly related to his desire towards you, your job will be to understand if through his profiles, he is sending you messages. The most banal way he can show you his nostalgia will be react to your posts, your stories and your photos. If you see that his reaction is continuous, he is most likely trying to bridge the distance that he himself has created.

Also pay attention (always without deluding yourself!) To himself post something that might catch your attention: photos, memories, your favorite song. Maybe he expects a reaction from you, and if you feel it won't get you off balance too much, you can also leave a comment and see what happens.

4. His behavior with you

The way your ex behaves when in your presence is the test with the most important result to tell if they miss you or not. As already mentioned, his attempts to intensify contacts and his willingness to interact with you when you are close are important, and it is precisely on these occasions that you will have to pay attention to certain factors:

  • When you talk or when you are away, always look for your eyes.
  • He smiles at you.
  • He watches you while you are distracted.
  • Always try to establish physical contact (hand on shoulder, greeting with a kiss, etc ...).
  • He looks stressed but also happy when he's around you.
  • Always recall the memories you share.
  • Invites you to parties and group events.

If you experience all or some of these behaviors, he most likely misses you and would like to have you back in his life, but he also knows he has to take it easy! For your part, be positive about him, but don't give it too much twine: do not accept all the invitations, let him understand that most of the time you are busy with your life and never get too unbalanced.

After what a man regrets leaving you

How soon does a man regret leaving you? He usually starts biting his hands when he realizes he has lost control over you. But this it only happens if you are busy after being left alone! In fact, there are many things you can do to intensify his desire for you, such as:

1. Remember the good old days. During your conversations, you might recall some good memories you had together, or refer to something that unites you in a post that you post on social media.

2. Take advantage of jealousy. Use jealousy with extreme wisdom: let him know that there are men in your life, but don't make him understand clearly what role they play. Make him suspect something so that his desire for you increases.

3. Renewed. Let him understand that after the end of your relationship you have been able to rebuild your life, that you have grown up and that now you are definitely a stronger, more interesting and better person than before. Make him see this new lifestyle of yours concretely, so that the lack of you in his life drives him crazy.

How soon does a man miss you: conclusions

First of all, let me thank you for making it this far. Hope this article helped you understand after how long a man misses.

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