Honeydew honey: properties, nutritional values, calories


Il honeydew honey, or simply honeydew, is a very particular and precious substance which, instead of being produced by nectars, is collected from the leaves of trees. With antibiotic properties, it is rich in iron and an excellent natural supplement of minerals and trace elements. Let's find out better.

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Honeydew honey: properties, nutritional values, calories


What is honeydew honey

Honeydew honey it is a very special substance that is collected from the leaves of trees. Aphids and other insects that suck the sap of the leaves of plants cut the leaves and their petioles and from here a very sugary liquid with low protein content.

To obtain the proteins necessary to grow these insects must ingest large quantities of liquid and exude excess sugary fluid. Ants and bees collect and process it, and it is thanks to their work that this liquid is transformed into honeydew honey.

Most come from trees that grow in temperate climates. For example, the famous German Black Forest honey it is, in fact, honeydew honey. 

This healthy "relative" of honey has a very dark color, sometimes almost black, it has a very dense texture that does not crystallize. The flavor is less sweet of that of nectar honeys and has a particular earthy and bark aftertaste, sweet and bitter at the same time. You can buy it both in herbalist's shops and in beekeeping and natural food shops.


Properties and benefits of honeydew honey

Recent research has confirmed the antibacterial properties some honey against various microbes and in particular it has been found that the variety of chestnut honey, eucalyptus and fir honeydew, are more effective in fighting pathogenic bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus, often resistant to antibiotics.

The particular characteristics of honeydew honey recommend it as a 100% natural antibiotic food to always have at home.

But the therapeutic properties of honeydew honey do not end there: it is an excellent source of iron, useful for those who follow vegetarian or vegan diets, and can be used as a light sweetener thanks to its lower content of simple sugars which guarantee an index lower glycemic more indicated for diabetics and for people on weight loss or low glycemic diets.  

However, it is important to try to buy quality organic honeydew honey, which retains all its beneficial properties, in order to limit contamination by chemicals and antibiotics used in conventional beekeeping practices.

Since the raw material collected by bees comes from the leaves of trees, the collection area is extremely important, in fact higher concentrations of chemicals and heavy metals compared to other honeys which, in most cases, come from industrial, urban and road pollution.


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Honeydew honey: properties, nutritional values, calories


Ally of

Honeydew honey is also an important ally of the nervous system and helps to repair and nourish it, supporting its various functions.

Similar to royal jelly, honeydew can also help regulate neurological tone, assisting memory and concentration and stimulating appetite; thanks to the richness of polyphenols it is also an effective natural and energetic tonic.

Also to be kept in mind are thedisinfectant and antiseptic action of this honey: until the last century, in fact, honeydew was used in surgery to disinfect ulcerations, wounds and lesions. Thanks to its antiseptic role, honeydew is a valid support for the respiratory tract, as a calming cough, and to fight bronchitis and pharyngitis, especially in children. 

Thanks to the content of oligosaccharides (complex sugars) that assist the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestine, the honeydew has an regulator of intestinal floraAnd. About 100 trillion bacteria live in our gut, some beneficial and others potentially harmful, and the proper functioning of our digestive system depends on the balance between the two.

Even when we eat a balanced diet, this balance can easily be disturbed by stress, antibiotics, or the natural aging process. Honeydew oligosaccharides survive the journey through the stomach and exert their beneficial effect by strengthening the "good" bacteria and promoting the maintenance of a healthy digestive system. avoiding intestinal problems and colitis.  

Honeydew honey is also known as the "sports honey”Since it is an excellent natural supplement of minerals and trace minerals. It is suitable for anyone who practices physical activity and sports because, thanks to the high content of manganese, potassium and magnesium with high absorption, it is very useful in situations of increased need: in situations of dehydration due to excessive sweating, or in cases of vomiting and diarrhea.


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Honeydew honey: properties, nutritional values, calories


Calories and nutritional values ​​of honeydew honey

100 gr. of honeydew honey provide 300 calories, available immediately.

The honeydew is made up of 75% of one mix of sugars (5% less than other honeys): glucose, fructose, maltose, sucrose; from numerous other nutrients (minerals, organic acids, vitamins, etc.), and water for 17-18%.

The remaining substances in the order of 5% are the most relevant: amino acids, proteins, organic acids, mineral salts (calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium) and essential trace elements (iron, copper, chromium) essential for the body; and finally traces of pollen, aromas, enzymes and pigments.


How it is used in the kitchen

Instead of ordinary mineral salt supplements, you can take one or two tablespoons of honeydew honey dissolved in half a liter of water with half a lemon.

To appreciate the ownership of digestive tonic just enjoy honeydew with natural yogurt, or on a slice of toast, in drinks or with a cup of cereal or muesli in the morning. In short, a real one super food for any age that can be consumed daily.


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