Homeopathy for anxiety and stress: does it work?

Homeopathy for anxiety and stress: does it work?

Homeopathy for anxiety and stress is considered an alternative treatment to be used in addition to psychological therapy. This treatment has been used for more than two centuries and has many aficionados because it is a natural therapy, but it also has bitter detractors.

How do homeopathic remedies for anxiety work?

Homeopathy relies on a blend of herbs, minerals and other natural products to relieve the symptoms of anxiety. These substances are highly diluted, so they usually don't cause side effects as their levels don't become toxic. But it is precisely this low concentration that questions the effectiveness of homeopathy for anxiety, stress or any other ailment because many consider that there is not an active ingredient in sufficient quantity to cause real changes.

Nevertheless, homeopathy is based on other principles that do not coincide with the view of traditional medicine. Homeopathic medicines try to make the organism itself regulate itself, so that the person can gradually change his attitude. In practice, by restoring emotional balance, the person will be able to have more positive thoughts and find the calm that helps him to fight anxiety and stress.

What is the best homeopathic remedy for anxiety?

It is difficult to determine what is the best homeopathic remedy for anxiety and stress. The British Homeopathy Association and the National Center for Homeopathy in the United States recommend the use of the following homeopathic remedies for anxiety:

1. Arsenicum album. This homeopathic remedy for anxiety and stress is recommended when the person is suffering from panic attacks. It is used by people who perceive the world as a hostile and threatening place, then respond with compensatory behaviors aimed at regaining control. It is also used by those who believe they have physical illness due to symptoms but are actually suffering from anxiety or stress. The psychological picture is characterized by fear, the overwhelming feeling that everything will go wrong and despair for one's recovery.

2. Ignatia amara. This homeopathic anti-anxiety medicine is recommended when the person has suffered from shock or has PTSD. It is suitable for dealing with distress and highly stressful situations. The psychological picture can be characterized by emotional ups and downs with continuous mood swings and a tendency to hostility. It is also used to combat insomnia caused by anxiety or the feeling of having something in the throat, muscle twitching and emotional headaches, common problems in those with anxiety.

3. Natrium muriaticum It is one of the most used homeopathic remedies for stress and anxiety. It is used when the person feels isolated from the world and experiences a feeling of derealization due to the emotional barrier they have built. It is also recommended for those who suffer from anxiety due to their high sense of duty, which is why they tend to overload themselves with tasks and duties. In addition, it is also used to treat fatigue and extreme tiredness.

4. Aconitum napellus. This homeopathic remedy is recommended for acute situations, such as when one experiences a sudden fear that quickly invades the person. It can be an intense fear or a strong feeling that causes an emotional imbalance, generating an anxiety crisis. It is also used by those who remain in a state of maximum alert. In addition, it is also recommended for restless, nervous, impatient people who live as if they are always in danger.

5. Calcarea carbonica ostrearum. This homeopathic medicine is used when the person feels anxiety and has an intense need for stability and protection. Those who feel anxious are advised to leave things unfinished or when things don't go as planned. It is also used with those who have obsessive traits, those who are obsessed with cleanliness, those who are in dire need of order or fear germs.

6. Gelsemium. This homeopathic remedy for anxiety is famous for its sedative, anxiolytic and pain relieving properties. In fact, it is hypothesized that it acts by regulating the secretion of allopregnanolone, a hormone synthesized by the nervous system that has an effect similar to benzodiazepines. It is mainly used with apprehensive and shy people, who feel they don't have the psychological resources to do what they would like, so they respond by becoming paralyzed. It is also used in situations of dizziness, weakness, tremors, drowsiness and fainting caused by anxiety.

7. Pulsatilla. This homeopathic remedy for anxiety is recommended for highly sensitive people. It is often used with those who form very strong bonds with others and experience anxiety due to this addictive relationship. In fact, in many cases their anxiety stems from the fear of losing the person or being rejected. It is also used to help people regain calm on their own, rather than continually depending on others.

Homeopathy for Anxiety: An Effective Remedy?

Some psychologists resort to homeopathy in addition to psychotherapy to speed up the healing process. But it is usually not the only recommended treatment because there are doubts about its effectiveness when used as the only therapeutic alternative.

Indeed, we must remember that anxiety and stress are not only due to external factors, but in many cases they are fueled by our emotional responses, thought patterns and coping (coping) styles.

A study published in the journal Homeopathy, for example, revealed that pulsatilla is useful for calming anxiety by equating its effects to a widely used anxiety drug, diazepam. However, this research was conducted in mice, so there is no data on the effect of the pulsatilla on humans.

Researchers at the University of Westminster performed a meta-analysis on the effects of homeopathy on anxiety. They noted that several, mainly observational, studies indicated high levels of patient satisfaction. But they also stated that, given the absence of a control group, it was difficult to accurately assess the degree of effectiveness of homeopathy. Therefore, they concluded that "the evidence of the benefits of homeopathy on anxiety is limited."

One of the most reliable experiments on the effects of homeopathy on anxiety was conducted at Hadassah Medical Center. This is a double-blind investigation with a control group. These psychologists have concluded that homeopathy can improve anxiety symptoms. However, it proved no more effective than the placebo that was used.

Based on the evidence to date, we can conclude that both homeopathic type anxiety drops and homeopathic anxiety pills are as effective as any placebo. Therefore, if the person strongly believes in the beneficial action of the treatment, this can really do him good. If not, it will likely have no effect.

If you are looking for natural remedies to help you integrate psychological therapy or perhaps you have started a personal growth path that you have undertaken on your own, it may be more effective for you to use essential oils for anxiety. The calming effect of valerian, passionflower and lavender for anxiety has also been scientifically proven.

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