Homemade crackers: 10 homemade recipes (plus one)

Have you ever tried to to make crackers at home? I homemade crackers they will not contain hydrogenated fats and vegetable oils of dubious origin, such asPalm oil. By preparing your homemade crackers you can easily control the amount of salt to use.

Recently some companies producing unsalted crackers have been forced to change the wording on the label, as it was misleading information. So here's one more reason to make your own crackers at home. They will be delicious, customizable and always different. We have collected many recipes for you to be inspired by.

Yeast-free turmeric crackers

Sesame seed crackers

I sesame seed crackers they are very light and tasty. Thanks to wholemeal flour, these crackers will be particularly rich in fiber, which is valuable for promoting digestion. To garnish them you can choose both white sesame and black sesame, depending on your tastes. THU the complete recipe.

Cracker di okara


Among the various ways to reuse theokara left from the preparation of soy milk we find the creation of excellent crackers to be enriched with sesame seeds, gomasio or other spices. The okara will help you to obtain an elastic dough that is easy to knead by hand and with a rolling pin. Here the complete recipe.

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Simple crackers with sourdough

You can prepare your own homemade crackers using the mother pasta to obtain a naturally leavened food. To facilitate the spreading of the dough, you can use the classic crank machine that is used to roll the lasagna sheet. In addition to the sourdough, you will only need water, oil and salt. THU the complete recipe.

Gluten free crackers

The Tolerant Kitchen blog suggests a recipe not to be missed for those who want to prepare some gluten-free crackers. You will need to use cornmeal and rice flour, which are naturally gluten-free. You can season your gluten-free crackers with rosemary or sesame seeds as you like. THU the complete recipe.

Spelled crackers with poppy seeds


From the Strawberries a Merenda blog, here is a very useful recipe to learn how to prepare excellent ones crackers with spelled flour. Spelled flour is an excellent variant to alternate with the classic soft wheat flour. You can enrich the preparation with poppy seeds. THU the complete recipe.

Herbal crackers in your city


If you want to make some really delicious crackers, try the recipe proposed by Di Pasta Impasta. You can flavor them with pink Himalayan salt and with herbs of your choice, such as chives, thyme and rosemary. THU the recipe to prepare i Herbal crackers in your city with sourdough refreshed the night before.

Pumpkin Seed Crackers

Homemade crackers are a great way to introduce oilseeds into our diet, which we can call friendly "Seeds of health". To enrich your crackers, you can choose, for example, pumpkin seeds, as suggested by the blog Let's be the Cook. THU the complete recipe.

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Rye crackers

With the wholemeal rye flour and whole wheat flour you can prepare excellent homemade crackers with sourdough, as suggested by Vegan Blog. Rye flour is still used in some regions of your country to make black bread. It's time to rediscover it. THU the complete recipe to prepare i rye crackers.

Quinoa crackers with flax seeds

And finally, here is a very special recipe. It is about the quinoa and flax seed crackers which you can bake in the oven or leave to dry near the radiator in winter. Otherwise, you could use a dryer. You can enrich and flavor them with thyme and gomasio. THU the complete recipe.

Turmeric crackers

Another version of turmeric snack, a spice that makes many of our dishes, including crackers, healthy and colorful. To flavor your turmeric crackers you can add paprika and herbs to your city such as oregano and rosemary. Choose Mediterranean herbs or herbs from Provence. THU the complete recipe.

Now we also wait your recipes in homemade crackers.

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