Here is the attitude towards money that will make you rich and happy

Here is the attitude towards money that will make you rich and happy

After telling you about the 70/30 rule, a strategy for achieving the financial freedom, today I want to give you some ideas for approaching money with the right philosophy.

People usually have an attitude towards money which inevitably leads to frustration. They think the only possible attitude is that of experience some adversity in having to face expenses: they hate paying taxes, hate paying bills, hate consuming; in conclusion, they hate giving up some of their money.

This attitude towards money sometimes results inbegging real or in any case in the search for the "subterfuge" aimed at not paying or paying less. I'm not just referring to tax evaders, But also to all those who in the social dynamics of daily life always try to "escape" when it comes to paying or repaying a loan. You will probably also know someone particularly stingy or someone you have lent money to and who has never returned it to you, perhaps pretending to have forgotten. These people are so narrowly attached to money that, even in the face of modest figures, they risk making a really bad impression.

If the money runs fast, all doors open.

William Shakespeare

What is the right attitude towards money?

It is primarily a lifestyle choice. There are ways and ways of looking at money, and of living. So why not you adopt a philosophy that gives you joy rather than frustration? Is simple! For example, try change attitude towards money telling you, “I like paying taxes because it helps create the society I live in. And for the company to work there are some things I can't do alone. I can't build a piece of road or a hospital. This is why the public administration exists which is made up of people who do things on behalf of all of us citizens, which we cannot or do not want to do. Since the streets, the sidewalks, the police, the firemen, the judiciary are all services that need money, I agree to pay taxes. And I do it with a happy heart because I am contributing to the security, justice and freedom of the society in which I live ”. Then continue in this direction: instead of considering the money for bills only as a "damned" expense to be incurred, and grumbling when you see the amounts, you could get spurred on by this expense. If you notice that your outgoings increase, then perhaps it is time for you to get busy for increase your income. Don't worry that what you earn today must be what you earn in the future as well. I have already suggested that you can invest 10% of what you earn in another business in order to guarantee you a second source of income in addition to your main job. And i consumption? They are not perhaps a way to put your money in circulation and thus contributing to building a dynamic economy and to spreading financial well-being? A richer society is perhaps not even more safe?

Think about these things and ask yourself if not you'd better live by learning to like spending money rather than hate it. Believe me if I tell you this attitude towards money will have an extraordinarily positive effect on you, leading you to happiness.

Remember: making money, like any other achievement, requires right disposition of mind. You cannot achieve the financial freedom if you will be gripped and polluted by a soul attitude towards money negative. Do you believe that a rich but stingy person is financially free? No, that's financial slavery! Genuine freedom, the one that conveys joy and gratification, is what you get by making your money work for your good, for the people around you and for the society in which you live. To be free, in short, also to spend (for oneself) and to give (to others); and not only and exclusively to accumulate.

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