Helping others get up is good for the heart

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Helping others get up is good for the heart

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Last update: 15 November 2021

Helping relieves and rewards. Although it is often said that being good is not always good, only noble and genuine people understand that they could not act otherwise.

Helping others get up is not easy. Sometimes it requires the person to realize that they need help and that grabbing a helping hand is not a synonym for weakness, but for strength. Second, helping involves investing effort, time and emotion. However, they are not very heavy loads.

We know it's not easy and sometimes we fill ourselves with grandiloquent phrases that everyone likes to share on his social network, but that, in the end, some forget. This happens because many fail to see even the closest needs.

Sometimes it is our own family or our friends who need this support for get up. People with depression need understanding, support and closeness.

Perhaps one of our teenagers is going through a tough time, is being bullied at school, or is experiencing his first sentimental disappointment. Situations that we don't perceive because we don't have time, because we turn our gaze to other horizons.

The heart needs eyes to see and inner freedom to hear. We must take off the superficiality to welcome the essential, so that the innate goodness in the human being allows us to help those in need.

Learn to listen from the heart

Perhaps your best friend speaks to you with his face painted with smiles, and his words, at first, seem cheerful to you. However, you just need to look him in the eye to understand that his face is about to fill with tears.

Sensing the emotions of others is a gift present in our social brain through mirror neurons and empathy. We all come into the world with the ability to recognize core emotions such as sadness, anger, love or fear.

However, sometimes due to social, educational or personal influences, there are those who concentrate all their intuitions on themselves; on "I try", "I need" and "I want". Through these three axes you begin to structure your life.

To live with the heart, it is not necessary to be naive as many believe. Being sensitive does not mean being weak, and helping others to get up does not mean letting oneself be fooled; absolutely. Those who build their lives with the heart are well aware of the following aspects.

  • Offering help enriches us, because it allows us to recognize our fellow men.
  • Offering help enriches us, because it teaches us the language of the most primal emotions.
  • Offering help enriches us because it makes us courageous people, who give happiness and new opportunities.
  • The goodness that is born in the heart is the only investment that never goes wrong

    Many think the opposite, that being good is tired, that doing good sometimes causes disappointment. However, one must be clear that good people need to understand that there are limits and that they too have the right to say enough if they need to. 

    In fact, goodness is offered with freedom and intelligence. We know that actions that start from the heart are great investments. They help us move forward free of grudges and full of freedom, emotions and well-being.

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