Help your kidneys with the right foods

I Reindeer are the chemical regulators of the body, of the "scales" as regards thehydro-saline balance overall body. These organs filter 1200 ml of blood every minute or 1700 liters in one day.

They have a purifying function, they participate in the acid-base balance of the body and in the electrolyte composition of the blood. 

In Traditional Chinese Medicine these organs are linked to the Water element, they are the abode of the Jing, primordial energy, which is provided to us at the moment of conception. They produce marrow, affect brain activity, manage bone health.

It is known that in this traditional treatment system, feelings greatly influence the balance of the organism and an emotion that - if not managed well - becomes deleterious to the kidneys is the fear

Finally, in the fascinating branch of naturopathy which is iridology, the health of the kidneys can be read in a specific area of ​​the iris, or in the lower area, around the corresponding 6 o'clock. 


Kidney stones and the hydroponic diet 

It is very important to know what we are talking about when we talk about kidney stones. These are compact formations that appear as a result of the excessive concentration in the urine of some accumulation substances. 

To avoid all this, before introducing suitable foods, it is good to explain that the adoption of one is essential hydroponic diet, that is to drink every day a volume of water such as to produce a good volume of urine according to the metabolism of each. Better if the waters are low in calcium (the concentration should be less than 40 mg / l).


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5 foods perfect for the kidneys

Let's discover the best foods that help keep our kidneys healthy:

1. Garlic is a powerful, incredibly healing antibacterial that helps the kidneys tremendously.

2. Along with garlic, onion is also a friend of these important organs since it has a antirheumatic effect, diuretic and reduces the cholesterol level harmful to the body. 


3 I pepperoni they are rich in fiber, vitamin A, C and B6, as well as containing important doses of folic acid. They are particularly suitable for a diet aimed at supporting the kidneys as they contain enough lycopene but not too much potassium, a nutritional element that strains the kidneys a little.


4. If you look closely at the shape of the azuki beans you can see how much they resemble miniature kidneys and, according to Paracelsus' Theory of Signatures, they show in them the sign of how vital they are for the function of these organs. In fact, azuki beans are extraordinary purifying foods and the same effect has the consumption of their cooking water (1 glass a day for 4 days a week). 


5. The Vitamin C it is an extraordinary ally of the kidneys. All foods that contain vitamin C in considerable quantities play a role in the organism.antioxidant activity e detoxifying (especially from heavy metals). This essential vitamin maintains collagen, raises energy and promotes the functioning of the adrenal glands.

In case of deficiencies, there are repeated episodes of gum bleeding, possible accumulation of heavy metals and adrenal fatigue; in case of excess there is diarrhea and possible kidney stones, so it is always good to move in search of balance.

In addition to citrus and strawberries, also the fruits of pomegranate contain an interesting amount, together with manganese e fibers. Recommended in case of gravel and kidney stones, they are also powerful antiinflammatory e cancer


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