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La world week without salt, which will end on Sunday, is the ideal opportunity to try to reduce the use of this dangerous "ingredient" health. The promoters of the World Action on Salt and Health and the Society of the Landscape of Human Nutrition, which has always adhered to the initiative.

Since the "enemy" hides in many foods, you must always read the nutritional labels of the products that you buy at the super and, if necessary, consult the tables on the composition of foods that you find on the site Healthyroyale.com. Often, instead of salt, the sodium (one of its two components, the one harmful to the heart and arteries, the other is chlorine). With the advice of our dietician, who has prepared for you the "dieta low salt”, You will know what to bring to the table thinking about your well-being.

«Taking too many grams of sodium (if you multiply them by 2,5 you get the corresponding value of salt) forces the kidneys to overwork»Explains Dr. Diana Scatozza, a dietician. “These organs have to work harder to eliminate excess mineral quantities! Not only. An overly savory diet also causes a surge in blood pressure: the blood volume increases because, to "dilute" the dangerous salt concentration, the body makes more water flow into the arteries, thus favoring the appearance of hypertensive peaks».

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