Healing Cancer By Going Vegan? Antonio's story in Le Iene (VIDEO)

    Healing Cancer By Going Vegan? Antonio's story in Le Iene (VIDEO)

    Two lung tumors and one brain metastasis. Life is about to slip away from Antonio's body, who, after having undergone chemotherapy, two operations and radiotherapy in 8 years, decides to refuse other painful conventional treatments. With the help of his son, however, discovers the alkalizing diet and vegan nutrition. And something changes. Antonio recovers, inexplicably.

    To tell his story last night was a courageous service by Paolo Trincia for Le Iene. The illness of Antonio, this nice Calabrian lover of good food and typical products of his land, has regressed thanks to the change in diet and the meat-free diet based on fruits and vegetables?

    Difficult to say, but the facts are these: the man was diagnosed with right lung cancer in 2003. "My odyssey began in 2003. I was diagnosed with right lung cancer, had surgery and was fine for three and a half years. In 2009, taking an x-ray, I discovered a new tumor in the other lung, the left one. Another operation. And they gave me a course of chemotherapy. In 2011 they found another metastasis to my brain “, he tells the microphones of Le Iene.

    He then undergoes radiotherapy and succeeds in decreasing the tumor mass and edema, but not entirely. A residue of 2 centimeters remains. At this point, however, he decides to refuse another course of chemotherapy. He wants to surrender to the disease. The son, however, looking for information on the internet and stumbling upon the book The China Study by T. Collin Campbell, discovers that, perhaps, something can still be done: becoming vegan, because animal proteins could be linked with cancer.

    After several attempts, the boy convinces his father, a huge fan of 'nduja and sausage, to try this path. Accompanying them in the new path is Dr. Michela De Petris, surgeon expert in the dietary therapy of cancer patients and member of the Scientific Medical Committee of the Vegetarian Association your country, of the Scientific Society of Vegetarian Nutrition and of the Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification.

    Start a new life: Antonio says goodbye to his suppressed ones, except for some rare "sneaky", and learns to prepare excellent vegan dishes, especially raw food: his new mantra are centrifuges, salads, vegetables, seeds, spices, alkaline water and fruit to go.

    “The change was to shift nutrition to plant foods as much as possible. It is now clear and scientifically proven that proteins of animal origin and refined foods inflame the body. The more we shift to a plant-based diet, the greater the benefits and chances of recovery. Her first diet consisted of juices of green, bitter green vegetables, which she drank after the rest of the day “, explains the expert.

    Antonio loses 18 kilos in just 2 months, regains physical shape, feels much better. When he comes back to get checked, it's been 3 months and he finds out that the tumor has completely regressed.

    Was it the diet? Antonio is convinced so. Two and a half years have passed since then, the tumor has not returned and the new lifestyle it involved the whole family. Those who believe that you don't eat at Antonio's home are answered by the lavish and greedy dinner offered to Trincia himself, who is incredulous in front of the goodness of the spaghetti di raw courgettes with avocado pesto, basil and pine nuts, salad with flax seeds, walnuts and lemon, baked pumpkin with soy sauce and cabbage rolls. It ends with a delicious fruit cake.

    But according to the skeptical doctor oncologist at the hospital the radiotherapy to which he had undergone before changing his diet would have been fundamental: “he had radiotherapy on the primary tumor and on the metastasis. It shows. It had a large bleeding component that has reabsorbed and the tumor is no longer visible. If he did nothing, he would still have the injury. We do not have numbers to confirm that only the diet has cured him: in medicine you need statistics ".

    De Petris retorts: the change of diet can help in the healing of many diseases. “It is necessary to evaluate the severity of the pathology and if there are other concomitant pathologies, but there is no disease that does not benefit from the improvement of the dietary lifestyle. By changing diet in many cases it is possible to heal from diseases, such as in the case of allergies, dermatological diseases, diabetes, especially type two, inflammatory bowel diseases, high cholesterol, stones, autoimmune diseases and, very often, tumor pathologies, such as hormone-sensitive ones: breast, colon, prostate ".

    Why do not you talk about it? Out of ignorance and habit on the part of doctors. But also, perhaps, out of interest. On the other hand it is worthwhile to multinational pharmaceutical companies and the food industry a healthy diet that does not make us sick?

    “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food”. A certain Hippocrates said it as early as 400 BC.

    To see the video of the service click here

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