He follows a vegetarian diet and defeats colon cancer

    È cured of the tumor following a Vegetarian diet. Allan, a 78-year-old retired engineer, had a colon cancer aggressive and inoperable, which - according to the doctors - would have left him only a few days to live. But he didn't give up: he scoured websites, asked for advice and started follow a vegetarian diet. A few months later the cancer disappeared and a new life began for him.

    As Taylor himself told the "Sunday Mirror", the man had started to fight cancer in the traditional way: after an initial diagnosis, in January, he underwent a course of chemotherapy, to then be operated on and follow up again another therapy. A few months after the situation worsened: in April the neoplasm had spread to the small intestine, thus becoming inoperable.

    The doctors were now giving him up for dead.

    He follows a vegetarian diet and defeats colon cancer

    But it was at this point, when all hopes seemed to have vanished, that Allan made up his mind to heal yourself: he opened his browser and on search engines he typed "colon cancer treatments“, He read all the results, then went to his trusted grocery store (the ones that tend to disappear in favor of sterile supermarkets and anonymous shopping centers) and asked for advice. Allan went home, collected all the data, thought for a long time and finally got it devised his own personalized diet: no meat and animal derivatives, but only ten servings of raw fruit and vegetables every day, accompanied by apricot seeds, selenium supplements, curry and wild barley, for a weekly shopping of just 30 pounds (about 40 euros).

    From April to August Allan strictly followed this new diet, then repeated the checks in the hospital, to see if anything had changed, and here came the surprise: the cancer was gone!

    Definitely, the conviction and willpower of the brilliant pensioner have played a fundamental role in the healing process and certainly many things will have to be ascertained on a scientific level, but certainly the change in eating style has made the difference.

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