Hazelnut "milk", properties and benefits


Le hazelnuts, you know, they are good in any recipe: make a cocoa cream greedy, a cake tastier and a chocolate crispier.

They provide "good" fats and vitamin E, Besides…several calories, unfortunately for those on a diet. All this is now known.

But perhaps not everyone still knows a product that can be obtained from the processing of hazelnuts, or a drink or "milk" of hazelnuts.

Rich in flavor and suitable for vegan nutrition, it will be a pleasant discovery for everyone. The only contraindication, albeit obvious: do not consume it in case of allergy to hazelnuts.


Hazelnut “milk”, properties

The "milk" of hazelnuts is the vegetable drink that is produced starting from hazelnut fruit (Corylus avellana L.), a plant of the Betulaceae family.

Here are the average nutritional properties of a hazelnut drink sweetened with agave syrup, per 100 ml:

> Kcalorie: 47 kcal;
> Saturated fats: 0.2 g;
> Monounsaturated fat: 2.5 g;
> Polyunsaturated fats: 0.5 g;
> Carbohydrates: 3.6 g;
> Fiber: 0.5 g;
> Proteins: 0.7 g;
> Sale: 0.1 g;
> Lactose: 0 g;
> Vitamins;           
> vitamin D 0,75µg - 15% RDA (recommended daily dose);
> vitamin B2 0,21mg 15% - 15% RDA (recommended daily dose);
> vitamin B12 0,38µg 15% - 15% RDA (recommended daily dose);
> vitamin E 1,80mg 15% - 15% RDA (recommended daily dose);

Sali Minerals:      

> Calcium 120mg 15% - 15% RDA (recommended daily allowance).


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Why drink the "Milk" of hazelnuts

> 100% Vegetable;
> Low in saturated fats;
> Rich in unsaturated fats;
> Very low in sodium / salt;
> Without gluten;
> naturally lactose-free and milk protein-free;
> Source of Vitamin D and Calcium;
> Source of Vitamin E;
> Presence of fibers they are in high quantities
> He cholesterol is absent.

Hazelnut "milk", benefits

The benefits of hazelnut "milk" are many, some linked to its completely vegetable origin, others linked to the specific properties of the hazelnut. 

> It does not contain gluten: it is therefore suitable fornutrition for celiac disease;

> And' lactose free and is suitable in case of intolerance;

> Make vitamin D and calcium, bone health benefits;

> Provides good doses of Vitamin E, antioxidant;

> It is free of milk proteins and therefore also suitable for specific allergies;

> Its high fiber content can increase bowel movement;

> It is suitable for regimi Alimentari lacto ovo vegetarian, vegan and raw food.


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