Having fun to release emotions

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Having fun to release emotions

Each individual must find the balance between recreational and work activities in his daily life in order to benefit from the emotions that are released with fun.

Last update: February 18, 2022

The time has come to start seeing fun as an emotional catharsis activity, putting it on the same level as work, meals and rest. Having fun means spending time on recreational activities outside of work or housework. They are activities carried out on a voluntary basis, for your own pleasure.

The difference between recreational and compulsory activities varies from person to person. For some, playing, drawing and cooking can be ways to have fun, while for others they can be a job. This is why it is important that everyone finds a recreational activity that allows him to have fun by disconnecting from the commitments of life.

Having fun as an emotional catharsis activity helps us feel better.

Having fun is an activity that offers great benefits to the body and mind. It serves to rest, feel good, relax and also to socialize with other people. The most important aspect, however, is that it helps to release emotions.

Having fun to release emotions

Recreational activities can offer countless benefits to our physical, mental and emotional health. They improve our mood, strengthen personal motivation and make us less vulnerable to stress. In other words, they become a resource to better deal with life's problems. Anyone who wants to enjoy good health will need to seek a balance between work and leisure activities.

As easy to say ... as difficult to achieve. The truth is that most people associate fun with a waste of time, as some statistics reflect. Other reasons are lack of time or ideas.

The secret is to invest in research and organization first and foremost. Having an open attitude will also work in our favor, just as children face each new discovery with excitement.

And it is precisely from them that we can learn: even though we grow from year to year, there never comes an age in life when one cannot change one's routine and decide to explore paths never traveled before.

Some specialists advise to devote yourself to fun as if it were a real drug. Having fun has surprising effects on the body and mind. Here are a few:

  • Promotes the work of the cardiovascular system, improving breathing and circulation.
  • Helps digestive cycles, avoiding irregularities.
  • Power creativity and imagination.
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • Consolidate and grow support points.
  • Reduces Anxiety: Stressful situations decrease and the ability to control agitation improves.
  • It boosts self-esteem and promotes a more positive attitude.
  • It works as a drain for all the negative emotions we accumulate.

Sport and emotional catharsis

Sport is one of the best recreational activities for channeling stress and draining negative emotions. In addition to making our body feel physically good and full of energy, it will also serve to break the boring routine.

Biologically we are designed to move. You certainly have had the feeling of "finding yourself" during sport and you must have said to yourself: “I want to do it again, I want to feel this way again”.

There is no sport in the world that deprives us of these emotions (although it is undeniable that some sports involve risks). But the variety of physical activities available to us is so immense that the excuse of "I'm cautious" is not enough to justify a sedentary lifestyle.

Unleash your emotions with video games

Video games can also be considered a recreational activity as it can make us disconnect from worries. Statistics reveal that more and more people are using virtual reality to develop their skills, far from the repercussions that it can have, for example, failing in reality.

Video games are used as emotion regulators to deal with feelings such as anger or sadness, fueling more positive moods.

Some researchers such as Ferguson and Rueda (2010) have revealed that within a video game scenario it is easier to practice emotional management, especially of frustration or anxiety.

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