Haste prevents us from living

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Haste prevents us from living

Last update: May 21, 2017

Living in a hurry thinking about what will happen, to the "must" or "should", to live far from ourselves or from what surrounds us. Let's stop for a moment, let's look around, let's breathe: we are here and now, let's enjoy it!

A legend tells that many years ago humans walked and lived together with beautiful birds called Ora. They stayed with you day after day with their song in mind and their feathers on their bodies.

Whenever humans saw a beautiful landscape, talked to someone or felt something special, the birds now pecked them in the head and started singing, then people realized the moment they were living and remembered it. They enjoyed the present and were happy.

The birds now fed on the emotions of those moments and made the humans they accompanied enjoy life more intensely., despite not having large-screen televisions with many colors. One day things changed and people began to live with other birds, those with black feathers (the Before) and those with white feathers (the After).

Little by little the birds now lost their song and were almost voiceless. The moments of awareness vanished. But the legend does not end there: even if the birds now no longer fly next to us and their song is less intense, they continue to live in us, waiting for the human being to become aware of every moment he has and that if enjoy.

Some say that if we close our eyes, breathe deeply and smile, we will be able to hear the song and peck of the Now birds in our hearts and minds.
Oscar Soria

Haste is a bad advisor

We are always in a hurry, conditioned by schedules, obligations, meetings. The little ones have their agendas full of activities and that's when we want to say: “Don't run, slow down”. Life is part of us and it is we who seek what it gives us. It is true that many times it reserves surprises for us, but there are more occasions in which we find what we were looking for.

If we cannot change the agenda, then, we must change the way we see the agenda. Acquire awareness of our inner "now" to be able to be where we are at all times, to connect with our mind and body, without being in a hurry and thinking about the “after”. We live every second, hour, day, month or year listening to what our heart tells us.

The bird of the after or the whispers of the past must not silence the voice of our present conscience. We make an effort to hear the song of the Now bird in our minds and value every moment we live. Let's think about how much we could feed his influence; that way, she will stay with us longer.

Live and connect to the present

Each day is a new beginning and gives us the opportunity to live another present moment, to look at the past, to be surprised by the after and to feed on the here and now. Keeping memories in your memory requires first living them fully, getting excited. If we are aware of the here and now, we will have the means to leave a good mark that we can access in the future.

If, on the other hand, we live in a hurry, without ever stopping and feeling ourselves, we do not allow ourselves the opportunity to see and observe where we are, how we feel, what happens around us at that moment, why we smiled, why we felt the butterflies in the stomach or, more importantly, if we are where we want to be.

Let's stop, let our feelings flow. Let's enjoy the present and get excited. We smile and keep the memory in the memory. Let's put everything else aside and live in the present moment. Then we can continue. Living in the present pushes us to enjoy every moment, time does not exist without us, we are the ones who give it meaning and make it ours. If we become aware of ourselves in every moment, we could make the most of every second.

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